I’m a Mouse-a-holic

August 14, 2009


Seriously, I am. For one, I have about a dozen floating around the house, attached to various computers (and some I have as extras, “just in case”). Others– broken ones– I have stuffed in a box in my cabinet. I JUST CAN’T bear to throw them away! :cwy: And perhaps the most compelling reason for my Mouse-a-holic-ness is that… well… I just bought TWO more!! But look at the selection!! Aren’t they gorgeous?! Guess which ones I got??


Well, I got Mouses #7 and #8 (those funky decorated ones). I already own mouses #3 (three of them) and #5. 😳 I have to say– Mouse #1 and #2 are looking sweet, too. :grinny:

OK, I will say that I really did NEED one. My old one broke. I go through a mouse every six months or so. See, I work from my computer, and I wear out my keyboards and mice like you wouldn’t believe. I did finally find a sturdy keyboard that is holding up to 18-hour days (the Apple Aluminum), but the mouses still need replacing every couple of months. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Logitech because they are small (I have small hands) and they have a good texture to them– the mice are smooth and don’t have that sticky, rubbery feel to them.

And best of ALL— they were in SALE!!!!! It’s such a good feeling to get the mice one loves on sale. Woo! Just in time for school, too. You can catch the great prices at (where else?!) Buy.com. See the beautiful and inexpensive selection of Logitech mice here. Buy.com is having a whole bunch of terrific deals for back-to-school. You have really got to go see. Buy.com has a weekly sale page online, with great deals on electronics and accessories. And this week they’ve got great deals on Wilson backpacks (just $8), Bluetooth headsets, earbuds, memory cards, laptops, and more. They have great prices, and a lot of the stuff has free shipping (and no state sales tax for most states).

Buy.com is always the first place to look for stuff you need around the home: electronics, books, clothing, household tools, appliances, accessories, household supplies, and especially… groovy-looking Logitech MICE!! Yay! I got my mouse-fix and I’m a happy camper now. :mrgreen:


3 Responses to “I’m a Mouse-a-holic”

  1. Staci Says:

    Seven and eight were the two I would have picked as well. Right now I just have a boring gray one that I use when I don’t want to use the touchpad. My nephew has a red Logitech one, but he wants my gray Big Lots one because the USB stick hides inside. On his Logitech, it just slides on the back. Nice that I paid more for his red one than my gray one. Maybe I’ll get seven or eight and give him the gray one he wants so bad.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I think that EVERY girl needs at LEAST three or four decorator mice to round out her wardrobe. I may even get computer mouse earrings (much smaller than the Logitech, of course). Or maybe a frilly Logitech mouse t-shirt!


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