I’m a Real Estate Remodeling Junkie

April 15, 2011


It happens every spring. Does it happen to you? As soon as the snow clears out, “For Sale” signs pop up out of the lawns, and I am SO tempted to make appointments to see inside. I love houses, I just do. Maybe I should have been a real estate agent, cuz I am a real estate junkie. I love wandering through homes, especially empty ones. They are fascinating to me! I even read through the real estate magazines, digesting the house style and size and values. It’s fascinating.

Part of the reason we bought our 150-year old clunker years ago was so that I could tinker with it and make it just the way I wanted. I’m fussy like that. We’d looked at about a dozen houses before we settled on this one. Of course I loved looking through all of them. šŸ™‚ We almost nabbed a more modern home before we got this one. The kitchen was new(er), which was nice, but it had BLUE counterops *gag* and it was a ranch (a tad modern, and no fancy San Diego Second Story Additions for me). I knew if I got that house, I would have to live with the blue kitchen and the funky Asian wheatgrass wallpaper, because the stingy Scot in me would never rip out stuff that new, it’s be a waste. We didn’t get the house, anyway.

I was researching alcove beds and some guy built this alcove bed for his kids. Isn't this cool?!

We also considered building our own house– not one of those very luxurious San Diego Custom Home Design models, but a simple home. Couldn’t afford it, yikes. New construction is insanely expensive! So we got This Old House. When we moved in, I had such big dreams, but I’ve tempered them a bit now (thanks to my checkbook and the economy). Still, I have things I want to do here. I want to make those very cool alcove beds for the upstairs bedrooms (like Thomas Jefferson has in Monticello!). We want to convert the garage into a huge acoustic music room. I even have hopes of adding a small addition to the side. Since the house is so old, it wouldn’t be lie one of those glamorous San Diego Room Additions, but it’d be classy. šŸ˜‰

How about you? Do you find yourself dreaming about feathering your nest now that spring has arrived? If you could build something new, what would it be?

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