In Defense of Windows Vista

March 4, 2008


I recently bought a new laptop with Windows Vista pre-installed. I have been waiting in the sidelines, watching others’ experiences and mulling it over in my mind if I wanted to make the jump yet. I’ve tried a lot of operating systems in my day: the first Mac (1984- I still have the old computer!), Windows 3.1, Windows 95, 98SE, ME, and XP. It took me a long time to become accustomed to XP, but I learned the ropes. It has been, by far, the stablest operating system I’ve ever used. I was hoping to stick with XP for a long time, but my trusty old HP Pavilion laptop was showing signs of giving up the ghost. I had to find a replacement. I finally got a Toshiba Satellite (one of their many P205 discontinued models) with Vista. I mulled over wiping out Vista and installing XP, but some research made me think otherwise. The computer I bought (and many others like it) were specially designed for the quirks of Vista. To wipe out Vista would open up a new can of worms, because I’d have to wipe out all the existing Vista drivers software, locate them online from the manufacturers, and download the appropriate XP drivers. Too much work, and too much risk. I opted to stay with the Vista and see how it would go.

I have been pleasantly surprised with Vista. It certainly has a “learning curve” and the settings are much different than XP. However, I’m an old dog who can still learn a few new tricks, and, even though I can’t say I’m completely comfortable with all the settings in Vista, I have a pretty good handle on the basics by now.


The biggest complaint I have with Vista, and this is a big complaint, is I can’t connect to my network printer. This is a huge hurdle for me, and my biggest reservation about embracing Vista with my whole heart. I need a printer. I don’t want to constantly rig up the printer, because this is a laptop and I need a mobile unit. I don’t know all the in’s and out’s as to why Vista has such printing compatibility problems. I just know that everyone is moaning about it. I think Microsoft was really, really stupid for doing this. People need their printers, you Microsoft dumbkopfs! Grr.

Having Vista on a Toshiba laptop is another matter. Apparently, the two are not 100% compatible, despite all the marketing. Default processor settings for Toshiba cause the hard drive to quit while the computer is in use. Yes, you read that right. In the middle of working on your computer, a default setting causes the computer to just QUIT. While you were working. Anything important, if not saved beforehand, was gone. It’s called the “blank screen” issue. Happened to me a dozen times. I scoured the Internet for answers. I had to reset the minimum processor speed to 100% in order to keep the computer running. This was very, very sloppy for an $800 laptop and OS. Criminal, even.

Anyway, besides the printer driver and the compatibility issue, I am liking Vista. It’s clean and fun to use. I don’t care for all the baubles, but I never liked the DOS design. Vista is much nicer. It’s speedy, too. Some of the settings I’m am still getting used to (like the revised Start Menu). But overall, I think I’ll keep Vista, and pray that they will roll out some printer software in the near future.

Update: HP updated their own driver software to make their printers compatible with Vista. So I can connect to my small HP printer. But my network printer, a Konica Minolta laser printer, I cannot connect.


3 Responses to “In Defense of Windows Vista”

  1. Laura Says:

    I’m using Vista too. Bought a new PC last year and it came with Vista. I have gotten it working better, less nagging. But, it still crashes all my PC games, old ones right up to brand new ones which I bought thinking how great it would be to have a new computer to play on. Really disappointed with Vista when it comes to the games. Rough start for sure but, other than the games, it is doing ok now.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I am not a gamer. I’m a mom, so I have no time for games, lol. I used to play Lords of the Realm, and loved that! But it’s been a while…


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