IPack, UPack, WeAllPack….

September 24, 2010


It’s not a pleasant thought: moving across the country. I have never done it (although The Hubs has, multiple times, as a kid). I don’t see how people can do it and still stay sane (are you thinking what I’m thinking? lol). WOW. Before I had kids, I moved across the state… WITH kids, I once moved down the street… but packing for a family?? And hauling it all away for miles and miles???

Moving is made so much easier with long distance moving companies like UPack. They realize how stressful and *insane* it is to pack up and move. They’ve made it a bit easier: THEY deliver the empty trailer to your home; they give you 3 business days to pack it up; they drive the trailer to your new home; they give you 3 business days to unload; all fuel and transportation fees are included in the charge.

Nice! Check out the UPack site for more details. Relocating to a new location is stressful enough! Make the move a bit easier.


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