Irena Sendlerowa, German Heroine

August 1, 2008


I got this in my email this morning. It’s a true story. And I cannot BELIEVE this woman lost the Nobel Peace Prize to stupid Al Gore and his loony movie!!!!

May 12, 2008, marked the death of a 98-year-old lady named Irena Sendlerowa. She was born in Germany Poland in 1910. During WWII, Irena, a German Polish woman, received permission from the Nazis to work in the Warsaw ghetto as a plumbing/sewer specialist.

She had an ulterior motive…

Irena knew the Nazis’ plans for the Jews and smuggled infants out in the bottom of the large tool box she carried. Larger children were placed in a burlap sack in the back of her truck. Also in the back was a dog that she had trained to bark each time the Nazi guards allowed her out of the ghetto and back in.

The soldiers, of course, wanted nothing to do with the dog, and its barking covered any noise made by the infants and small children. Irena managed to smuggle out approximately 2,500 children before she was finally caught.

When she was captured, the Nazis beat her severely, breaking both her arms and her legs.

Irena kept a record of the names of all the children she smuggled out of that Warsaw ghetto and kept them in a glass jar buried under a tree in her back yard. After the war, she tried to locate any parents who may have survived so she might reunite the child with its family. Most, of course, did not survive the Holocaust, and the vast majority of the surviving children were placed in foster homes or adopted.

Irena was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but she lost to Al Gore, who won the award for presenting a slide show on the philosophy behind global warming.

Read more at a website dedicated to Irena.


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  1. amy lilley Says:

    I have seen this as well, and yes, there is tremendous outrage, but she has gathered many precious stones in her crown that will be honored for all eternity in heaven!!!

    all the best…great post, important post!!!


  2. feefifoto Says:

    What an inspiring story. There are so few of them. May she rest in peace.

  3. julia Says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. A true heroine…

  4. julia Says:

    I had to learn more. Read this website. Let me know what you think. How could I have not known about this heroic woman.

    I am going to post this on my blog as well.

  5. Rebecca Says:

    Amy– you hot the nail right on the head! That is true. 🙂

    Yes, it is a very inspiring story. Thanks for the link, Julia!

  6. Karen Says:

    What a beautiful story about a wonderful and brave woman. Al Gore should be ashamed.

  7. cchiovitti Says:

    What an inspiring woman. Very few things bring tears to my eyes, but this did.

  8. Talen Says:

    Wow..just wow. To think that this woman put her life on the line for so long to help so many lost out to Al Gore just goes to show you how screwed up the world really is.

    One thing is for sure though…her memory will be passed on to every generation of those she saved for a long time after Al Gore is completely forgotten by history.

  9. Kathy Says:

    What an amazing, inspiring story. I never heard of her before. Thanks for shining light on her. (And she looks just like my Grammy on my father’s side!)

  10. Hilary Says:

    Thank you for this!! I’m bookmarking for future study.

    As for the loss to Mr. Gore … I’m thankful I believe in a higher power that has a much better viewpoint and will never forget the work she did for the human family.

    ~Hilary (who still hasn’t sat through the entire so-called documentary because she couldn’t understand why he had to speak about hanging chads … what do hanging chads have to do with global warming? )

  11. Tidbits Of Tammy Says:

    Such a shame such a wonderfully noble saint did not get the recognition she deserved here on earth. But her blessing are many in her passing.
    Thanks for such a wonderful story.

  12. hparis Says:

    Unfortunately, doing the right thing often goes unrewarded, but then again… if you “do the right thing” in anticipation of reward, then you will be judged by your motives, will receive your just reward, and will watch it burn with the rest of the hay and stubble. Congrats Al Gore, I hope you enjoy it while it lasts.

  13. Matt Says:

    Yes, this is a true story; even recognizes it. What a terrible shame, first of all, that it even took 60+ years for the world to recognize her incredible act, and then to be snubbed by voters in favor of the likes of AL Gore. What is happening to the people in this world?

    Thank you for bringing this story back to light!! It made my day! Matt

  14. HoundsGood Says:

    I cannot believe that she lost! This lady is a true hero.

  15. vulcanhammer Says:

    Excellent, excellent post! Thank you for posting this wonderful story. And you are right, if there was any real justice in this world, Al Gore would have never won the Nobel. I’m stumbling this post too.

  16. Bersako Says:

    Truly inspiring.
    That’s a great story to share with us.

  17. silly pants Says:

    What a wonderful woman! Stories like this restore one’s faith in humanity. However, your insistence on comparing one person’s contribution with another’s and finding fault over who won an award for their efforts does not add anything to your tribute, it only makes you look small. I’m sure this wonderful woman did all she did with no desire for awards, nor with the desire that her acts be used to belittle the efforts of another.

  18. Rebecca Says:

    Thanks for the links and comments! It is an inspiring story. It’s not Al Gore’s fault that he won the award– it is the prize givers. But it shows how biased and political the Nobel Peace Prize really is. And they can be as biased as they want to be– whatever. But they can’t pretend that they are unbiased and it is obvious that they don’t give the prize based on merit…

    Hi Sillypants. Actually, I didn’t write this piece– it was emailed to me and I just posted it here. But even so, I don’t think the reference to Al Gore winning the prize makes anything look small. It shows how unjust things are, and how political things are. Hopefully, it’s a lesson to be learned.

  19. Tim Eby Says:

    In 1965, Sendler was recognized by Yad Vashem as a Righteous Among the Nations, which was confirmed in 1983 by the Israeli Supreme Court. She also was awarded the Commanders Cross by the Israeli Institute.

    In 2003, Pope John Paul II sent a personal letter to Sendler, praising her wartime efforts.

    On 10 October 2003, Irena Sendler received the Order of the White Eagle, Poland’s highest civilian decoration. She was also awarded the Jan Karski Award “For Courage and Heart,” given by the American Center of Polish Culture in Washington, D.C..

    On 14 March 2007 Sendler was honored by Poland’s Senate. Polish President Lech Kaczy?ski stated that she “can justly be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize” (though nominations are supposed to be kept secret). At age 97, she was unable to leave her nursing home to receive the honor, but she sent a statement through El?bieta Ficowska, whom Sendler had saved as an infant.
    Irena Sendler’s funeral, Warsaw, Poland, May 15, 2008
    Irena Sendler’s funeral, Warsaw, Poland, May 15, 2008

    Sendler was the last survivor of the Children’s Section of the ?egota Council for Assistance to the Jews, which she had headed from January 1943 until the end of World War II.

  20. zavario Says:

    This woman did a great and unselfish thing, however, what is with all of the Al Gore bashing? It is voted on by an enormous group of people. Maybe they feel that saving our planet is of some importance too. Ignorance comes in all forms I suppose.

  21. Alex Rochon Says:

    This merely adds to the general consensus of Al Gore being a “dick”. He no less than stole this award with his pseudoscience from someone actually deserving of it.

  22. Blue Says:

    Its really sad to see someone grandstanding on this womans grave to mock Al Gore. I am sure many many very admirable and worthy people are nominated for a nobel prize, but in the end ‘loose’ to someone else. Your views may see this as a loss, but perhaps the awareness his award brings to the environment will save many many more lives. I’m sure Irena and her obviously selfless nature would much prefer that the potentially countless lives that could be saved by action being taken now with global warming is much greater than another public recognition of her great actions of the past.

  23. Bapudi Says:

    What’s with the badmouthing of Al Gore? It’s not like he became an environmental activist to deprive this lady of the Nobel prize. They both did great things, he just happened to get picked. Also, isn’t it a bit contradictory to claim that a view most of the world’s scientists agree with is “pseudoscience”? I mean, what’s your definition of pseudoscience??

  24. Anoni Says:

    What an amazing woman. She stood up to horrible circumstances and saved lives; her life is an inspiration. Too bad people here are using her death as a pin in their rants about Al Gore. Regarding that:

    Ashamed of himself? *He* didn’t dictate who won. It’s kind of out of his hands.

    Pseudoscience? “loony movie!!!”? Nope. Majority of scientists believe global warming is hard fact. The vocal ones against it are, surprise surprise, most often backed by corporate interests. Do some research instead of relying on pundits on television.

    They both deserve the award.

  25. Rebecca Says:

    I certainly appreciate all the comments. The jab at Al Gore and the Prize was a minor note in an otherwise glorious symphony.

    The crux of the issue is that the Nobel Prize has become political, and winners win if they line up with the political ideology. Al Gore has done nothing to further “peace,” but he’s surely done a lot to further his career.

    There is NO conclusive evidence for global warming. It is a THEORY. Just 30 years ago, “scientists” were bemoaning “global cooling.” And a lot of Gore’s slide shows and information is misleading to say the least.

    Gore aside, Irena Sendlerowa was a wonderful, amazing woman. You’d think that a lady who sacrificed her own life to save children would receive global acclaim and high honor. Her nomination certainly fit that, but it is a shame that she lost to something akin to political jabberwocky.

  26. Jeffery Says:

    Al Gore has done nothing to further “peace,”-Rebecca.
    Climate change will elad to all sorts of calamity. People will kill for water and food produce as those necessities become scarce due to pollution and the land produces less food.
    I live in northern Ontario Canada in the boreal region. You cannot deny what we see disappearing or being altered due to man’s irresponsibility. Trees are dying, water is acidic or have algea growing, in our supposedly pritine north. We have had regular air quality warnings and we do not have industrialization in our area. All sorts of animal life is disapaering. This is about life and death. Those in the city do not seem to be aware of the damage we are doing to ourselves and it is horrifying.

  27. J Dolla Says:

    See… when i read the title i saw “German Heroin” and got all excited. But i guess this is ok too

  28. Isa Says:

    While it’s fabulous what this woman did, Jeffery is right. You people need to take a science class or two.

  29. R. Llennef Says:

    Irena is definitely a credit to the human race for her amazing accomplishments and determination in a world gone mad. Why is it an issue that Al Gore et. al. won the Prize in 2007? Irena was recognized for her deeds as early as 1965: should we denigrate every other Nobel Prize winner since then as having “beaten her out”? Sure the International Federation of Social Workers was “deeply saddened” by the ‘loss to Al Gore’, but…where were all these outraged people while the woman was ALIVE to congratulate? How many of you people had even HEARD of the woman before she died, anyway? Act sooner next time – dead people don’t care about awards, do they? Recognize amazing accomplishments before the funeral. Al Gore isn’t responsible about this, anyway.

  30. Doctor Evil Says:

    If Al Gore is right, he could be credited with saving – literally – BILLIONS of people. If Al Gore is wrong, he can be credited with not crying wolf, but honestly signaling an alarm to grave danger – and putting his personal finance, his political clout and his sacred honor on the chopping block to do it.

    If Al Gore is wrong, then pseudoscience was right for a change – that has happened occasionally, in the past – comets & meteors, for instance, actually come from Outer Space! That was thought pseudoscience, once. Here, there’s an awful lot of smoke for there to be no fire! World scientists have locked arms in a phalanx supporting this, with Gore merely at the front-line. Anyone who dismisses this without apolitical investigation is living in the sweet cloud-kookooland bliss of denial.

    Ask this instead: WHY WASN’T THIS WOMAN VETTED 60 YEARS AGO? Why
    Mikhail Gorbachev, and not her? Why Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres or Yitzhak Rabin – weren’t they all young enough to be smuggled out by HER in her day? Why Mother Teresa – did she actually SAVE any lives, or merely pray over death caused by poverty? Why Henry Kissenger – isn’t that a bit of a political point-of-view? Why Martin Luther King – did he ever smuggle a child to safety? How about the Dali Lama – wasn’t he a child who got smuggled to safety by someone like her?

    The badmouthing of Al Gore this year, 60 years to late and a tear too short has crystal clear meaning. It is what Irena herself would have called schadenfreude.

  31. stolenhistories Says:

    Rebecca – There are plenty of people all deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize who were nominated many years and didn’t win. If Irena were alive today I’m sure she would not have cared if she won or not. She obviously had reasons for what she did.

    You seem to be saying that your jab at Gore was an aside – but your willingness to defend it and attack his so-called “pseudoscience”(I’d like to hear why his figures and facts are pseudoscience, not just blanket dismissals) and “Theory”(Technically, The Theory of Gravity is only a THEORY) seems to show that it was the point. As Dr. Evil and R. Llennef have pointed out, this woman should have been nominated much sooner, and there are plenty of other politically motivated NPP winners. Why not make a monument to all the earlier losses too?
    It appears to me nothing more than a thinly veiled attack on Al Gore and concerns about global warming.

  32. nobody's nucka Says:

    “People will kill for water and food produce as those necessities become scarce due to pollution and the land produces less food.”

    you know global warming is supposedly caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and that’s, um, what plants respirate with… they turn it into oxygen, actually.

    carbon dioxide is measured in parts per MILLIONTH. try looking at 385 parts per millionth on a pie chart and tell me with a straight face that it’s serious.

    earth goes into a little ice age roughly every 20,000 years. the last time that happened was about 20,000 years ago.
    it happened around 10,000 bc and helped kill off the mammoth, and sabre-tooth tiger.
    global warming is a bunch of hype designed to get you to buy a whole bunch of new shit and stay scared.

  33. forblq Says:

    Quick redress of some factual errors in the treatment of Ms. Sendler’s life. She was Polish (not German), having been born in Warsaw (which in 1910 was occupied by Russia.) She was a Catholic social worker and worked diligently during the German occupation of Poland to save Jewish kids. Not sure where the plumbing comes from, though I can’t imagine the Nazis cared to much about infrastructure in the Warsaw ghetto.


    As to the comments on global warming, whether it’s caused by people or part of a natural cycle, the potential casualties are in the hundreds of millions of lives lost. If Myanmar and Bangladesh are too distant for the imagination, then think of New Orleans.

  34. cdo Says:

    Al Gore didn’t steal the award, so give it a rest!
    Maybe those who voted thought they might do some good for the future…as wonderful as it might have been to honor the past, they can only pick one.
    And I am sure this courageous and beautiful soul Irena didn’t need a Nobel Prize to let her know she had done something incredible with her life.

  35. OperatorC Says:

    People are bad mouthing Al Gore because global warming is a bunch of bullshit used to make money and gain more power.

    Global warming might be real, but there’s no decent evidence to suggest that it’s man made. Some “top scientists” will say that we’re in a cooling off period, an ice-age if you will. Some would say that the man-made carbon emissions are as low as 3%.

    This woman was a real heroine, or hero as I call people of both sexes– Al Gore is a hypocritical fraud. It’s too bad he’s building a damned religion around himself and his bullshit cause. Some even consider him a damn prophet.

    Bah, people…

  36. Fred Says:

    Global warming is just a theory… That is right, and so is evolution. Just because it is theory doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    Regarding whether this woman should have won. Yes, probably so, but she certainly never sought that kind of fame and these things will hopefully belong and remain in the past where global warming, may it be a scam or not, is something we have to deal with NOW.

  37. mons Says:

    Irena was born in Poland.

  38. Matt Says:

    to be fair, everyone, Al Gore wasn’t the only one to win the prize. He shared the honor with many environmental scientists. His willingness to put his political career on a limb for a strangely unpopular belief is part of the honor. Everyone seems to hate Al Gore, why? Do you think he said he invented the internet? he didn’t say that. It was just smear during the 2000 elections. He’s pretty decent. That said, this is a wonderful story, and she should have one the prize 50 years ago.

  39. Matt (Matt-Speak) Says:

    Hey Matt, check this out: Even if you ignore the parody the words and the voice are his. His said “I took the initiative in creating the internet”. Only later when he was questioned about it did he revise his statement to say he paved the way for the internet. Maybe it was just a gaff on his part, maybe not, but we all know WHY he said it….he is a politician in every sense of the word and he was trying to draw attention to himself and his cause (trying to get electeed).

    As for Global Warming, whether or not is is a real epedemic, it is still a good idea for us to do more (much more) to save our environment. My problem with Al Gore is the way he completely overstates and exagerates his claims to fit his agenda. Man may very well be contributing to global warming in some fashion, but Gore tries to scare everyone into thinking the Earth is going to die in a few years. I think he would get a lot more support if he didn’t purposely mislead everyone into this way of thinking in order to make himself seem like some kind of saviour (my opinion). He needs to follow his own advice and signifigantly lower his own carbon footprint before he preaches to the rest of us. He seems to be one of the worst abusers.

  40. B. Fair Says:

    Don’t beat up on Al Gore. He has done a great service with his work on global warming and that doesn’t make this lady’s incredible kindness any less important or worthy.

  41. Bunny got Blog Says:

    She is a legend. This is a wonderful story.

  42. Vic Says:

    Great story, but no need to crap on Gore. This happened 70 years ago. What of all those other prize winners? Should they be ashamed, too?

  43. Rebecca Says:

    Hey, Vic. Of course the other prize nominees should not be ashamed! But the prize GIVERS should. They should have given Irena this award years ago, and they even denied it to her now.

    Gore is not being crapped on because of the Nobel prize. He’s being crapped on because he is full of it. Crap.

    Thanks for your comments! 😀

  44. faith Says:

    The peace prize is a sham anyway. Its better she’s not associated with it. She deserves recognition though 🙂 I’m sure God will reward her.

  45. Sarah Says:

    I really don’t think it’s fair to diminish what gore has done. He deserved the prize seeing how he single handedly brought global warming and environmental issues to the forefront of political debate and widespread global and societal concern. She should have won previously though. I’m just saying it’s not fair to put them in competition. Everyone should win!

  46. james Says:

    Just goes to show what a douche Al Gore really is. Elitist prick.

  47. Ric Says:

    Nobody’s Nucka: your math is off by 8,000 years.

    Not that I’m saying you’re wrong about another ice age, but 10,000 BC plus 20,000 years doesn’t equal 2008 AD.

  48. Scott Says:

    She is a wonderful soul. Nevertheless, Al Gore’s endless work re climate change will ultimately save more lives.

  49. Fyuzhn Says:

    I look at the global warming bashers and I feel such fear for humanity. “It’s just a theory”? You do know that real scientists use the word ‘theory’ very, *very* sparingly, right? Of course not, or you wouldn’t have said “It’s just a theory.” As another poster pointed out, this is best illustrated by things like Theory of Gravity. To expound, there are little things you *might* be aware of called Theory of Plate Tectonics (those pesky fear mongers and their staged earth quakes), Color Theory, etc. Maybe you should wiki the word ‘theory’ for a better understanding.

    Re: Global warming trying to get you to buy stuff? Are you *serious*? It’s more profitable to convince people to keep consuming at old rates, using non-energy sufficient goods and services. If enough people don’t think it’s a concern, they don’t have to alter production habits and they make more money.

    If I come off as hostile it’s because I’m tired of those ignorant of how science works proclaiming the supposed ignorance of those who actually have a grasp on it.

    Also, re: the inventing the Internet: Are we *still* on this? Seriously? Let’s settle this by the words of the Father of the Internet, Vint Serf, shall we? “But as the two people who designed the basic architecture and the core protocols that make the Internet work, we would like to acknowledge VP Gore’s contributions as a Congressman, Senator and as Vice President. No other elected official, to our knowledge, has made a greater contribution over a longer period of time.”

    In short, quit using this noble woman’s grave as the base of your rickety soapbox to grind your beef with a man who has done more for the planet than most.

  50. Alex Rochon Says:

    If you looked into it at all, you’d find that the scientists that are pro-global warming tend to be the ones with the massive grants and corporate funding. Look at the oil company backers, for example, and you’ll find that most of them are “environmentalists”, most famous example being Rothschild. Everything is always vastly more complicated than one might originally anticipate, particularly when money and power are involved.

    Besides, what the hell does a scientific opinion (and obviously, it’s completely fair to believe whatever you want to believe) have to do with world peace, and why should he have won the world’s most prestigious prize for World Peace for an environmental “contribution”? That’s bass-ackwards logic if I’ve ever seen any.

    Al Gore was a pretty terrible vice-president, too, with such bold political moves as denying condom shipments to Africa, taking credit for the internet, and further censoring the media (PMRC, among other things).

    But enough of Al Gore, I have defended myself sufficiently, and I’m quite sorry to have brought it up, it was stupid of me, and is disrespectful to Irena Sendlerowa herself. And this topic is to honour her death, and not to politic. Once again, my apologies for bringing it up, and may Irena Sendlerowa rest in the peace deserving of how she lived her life.

  51. Bocefus Says:

    The EPA has issued a warning for people to prepare for changes in our climate due to global warming. Scientists believe it, the government believes it, and obviously the people who decide who deserve the nobel peace prize believe it. You’re clinging to right wing propaganda if you think this isn’t a real threat.

    Not to discredit this lady’s stuff. It looks like she saved some kids, and that’s cool. Why nominated so late though? It seems like she missed her window a long time ago, and lost because Al gore’s message is a contemporary one.

  52. Tim S. Says:


    There was no need to downgrade Al Gore and his efforts to warn the world about global warming while you praise this woman. I found this site while I was on StumbleUpon, and I gave it a thumbs down just because of those comments you wrote about him.

  53. michael Says:

    Sorry – but I find using this women’s death and good deeds as a springboard to make an attack on a political figure contemptible.

    The fact that the original poster does not just shows how blinded we’ve become by partisanship.

    It would logically extrapolate that every medal winner for the last 50 years is also responsible for depriving this Polish hero. Why isn’t the original poster lambasting those other evil doers such as Doctors Without Borders, Nelson Mandela, the Dali Lama, Yasser Arafat, and Desmond Tutu?

    One can only assume because she does not have a political ax to grind with them. Instead she tries to compare apples and oranges and come up with left wing plots.

    Sadly, this form of propaganda has become de-rigueur for this crop of neo-con apologists. It sure is a whole lot easier than looking in the mirror and seeing torture behind ones shoulder.

    Hey Rebecca, what do you think Irena Sendlerowa would think about a government that spies on its own citizens, condones the suspension of habeas corpus and considers water boarding “enhanced interrogation techniques”? You see any Peace prizes on the horizon for this crew?

    But never mind, you keep your head in the sand.


  54. Slava Says:

    I can only say Thank you LORD! That she was there to help Jewish kids. I think she cared very little to useless Noble prize. The real prize were saved children lifes. Thank you dear Irena, God Bless You, Rest in Peace!

  55. Luisa Patroni Says:

    I honestly don’t think this woman did any of this to be recognize. There are people who do nice things for nothing but their own satisfaction.

  56. Adhe Says:

    I’m not sure why everyone is so upset because she “lost” to Al Gore. No one who is nominated for a Noble Peace Prize can ever be called a “loser”. I’m sure they chose Al Gore because his contributions are to our current future, not the future of the 1940s that we’ve already seen play out. I’m not downplaying her role at all, mind you. She was a brave, selfless soul and her contribution to the lives of all those children is invaluable. I’m glad she was able to live a long life, being rewarded in her soul every day knowing what she did, whether we knew or not.

    And what the heck is Michael smoking calling the Dalai Lama an “evil doer”? He has spent his life spreading compassion and religious tolerance. Why don’t you read before you speak. I agree that she should have been nominated and awarded a long time ago, but that doesn’t downplay the great contributions of the previous winners and nominees. You sound like a conspiracy theorist who just wants to hate whatever anyone else likes.

  57. michael Says:

    “And what the heck is Michael smoking calling the Dalai Lama an “evil doer”?”

    Just wow.

    I guess sarcasm is too high a critical thinking skill here?


  58. Margaret Says:

    Title correction. Irena Sendlerowa- Polish Heroine!
    She was Polish!, born in Warsaw, father Polish doctor Stanislaw Krzyzanowski. Before Second World War she was working as a social worker and was a member of Polish Socialist Party.
    You should read websites you give links to.

  59. Steve Says:

    This woman is among the great Shindler by trying to save the young and innocnt. If Al Gore had any dignity he’d dedicate his award to this woman.

  60. Rebecca Says:

    I know this has been addressed several times in the comments here, but I got an email and I’ll mention it again for clarity’s sake: Irena Sendlerowa was not German, she was Polish. Here’s what the email said:

    Sorry but I just have to point out that the title of your posting about Irena Sendlerowa is wrong. It should be ”…-Polish heronine”. She was Polish, born in Warsaw, father- Stanislaw Krzyzanowski(doctor). Before World War II Irena Sendlerowa was member of Polish Socialist Party and was working as a social worker. Saying that she was German gives completely distorted picture.

    I appreciate you guys cleaning this up. As I stated in the post, I DID NOT WRITE THE STORY. It was sent in an email to me and I just posted it here. I had gone to Irena’s website in her honor to make sure it was not a hoax. And it is not a hoax. But I guess someone called her German when it should have been Polish. Her nationality doesn’t really matter to me… I’m just glad she did what she did.

    Thanks for all your comments.

  61. szymon Says:

    Irena Sendler was Polish, and throughout entire WWII she suffered persecution from Germans mainly for her nationality. In that case your reluctance to correct an error is incomprehensible. Next time you publish this sort of article, please show some respect and learn history to understand the importance of facts.

  62. tim maguire Says:

    Thanks for a great story. But it would have been better to leave Al Gore out of it. I agree that Gore has done nothing to advance peace and the prize committe has turned it into a bad joke, with Al Gore being one of the best examples of that (Arafat, however, being THE best example). Nevertheless, it is a distraction and Gore’s ignorant fans have, entirely predictably, disturbed the thread.

  63. Jake Says:

    Such Selfless actions are almost unheard of in the world today. A truly remarkable woman. The world will be a little worse off with her passing.

  64. Froggy Says:

    If Al Gore was a real man he would give that award up to this brave, wonderful woman.

    As far as I am concerned, he(Gore) is a real loser and God has many rewards for her. Gore has got his reward.

  65. JudgeRight Says:

    To quote Dennis Prager: “The significant are rarely famous and the famous are rarely significant.”

  66. Avery Says:

    Lovely story. She saved 2500 children. Al Gore is trying to save the whole planet and ensure that there is a future habitat for life. He clearly stands out as deserving the Nobel…and furthermore, preservation of life is what peace is all about!

  67. JudgeRight Says:

    Avery, are familiar with the concept of cheap heroism? Al Gore’s heroism costs him nothing and in fact has rewarded him richly. This woman risked everything and paid dearly for her heroism. Heroes shouldn’t be measured by fame or unsubstantiated claims. Saving the world from global warming is neither heroic nor IMO a real danger. It is the fight someone chooses when they would rather not face real and imminent danger from real and present evil.

  68. TODAY-jacqueline Says:

    A beautiful SOUL! We really should not rest on the laurels of others, when there are many different kinds of WARS TODAY! If the truth be told, maybe there could be more people in the world TODAY, like Irena Sendler. God only knows…We need them!

  69. friedlinx Says:

    Al Gore and John Edwards are gay

  70. harly davison Says:

    As much as I am not a fan of Al, he didn’t ‘steal’ the Nobel prize, but was awarded it, for reasons said.
    What Irena Sendlerowa did, however, can never be measured in or by a prize, such as the The Peace Prize. The heroism and total unselfishness, punishable by instant death that she displayed, belongs to people that you and I could count on only one hand.
    I am not a pessimist nor an optimist, I both understand AND do not understand some things that a so called human being will do. Before global warming and nature has played it’s toll, the likes of Irena will be long forgotten because the human race will globally destroy each other.

  71. Taylor Says:

    Yes because as we all know, any action against the nazis or the holocaust is an automatic nobel peace prize. Regardless of the fact that the “true history” story posted has factual errors/exagerations more glaring than just switching her nationality.

  72. Guest Says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  73. Tetsuo Says:

    LAF. Al Gore obviously has had a greater impact with his motives than this woman. If you think she deserves it more than he does, you’re priorities are skewed.

  74. dscdsc Says:

    if one speaks polish, thinks in polish, and has polish roots is definitely POLISH not german

  75. DEBUNK Says:

    Al and Tipper gore are two meddling kooks!
    Remember the PRMC? His global warming shtick will soon be disproved, as a lot of the untruths of his scare tactic movie already has. Global warming will soon go the way of the dinosaur much like the whole commotion about the ozone layer depletion, remember? Save the whales, ban the plastic bag and dolphin killing six pack plastic you kooks! Go to hell like Superman and die like a champion.

  76. Leah Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this story. I can’t believe she lost the nobel peace prize to Al Gore. Amazing.

  77. Peter Says:

    I’m not inspired and I’m not moved. People don’t “lose” a Nobel Prize, its not a freaking Oscar. Get over yourself and your ridiculous agenda. You are essentially using this woman’s memory to sling mud at a political entity you don’t side with. Shame on you.

  78. Patricia Wilson Says:

    Peter I tend to understand your post as well as any I have seen, with a difference – I AM inspired and am Moved, nevertheless your point is taken – and the miss-use of a good woman’s memory is heart-breaking.
    Thank you

  79. Bull Slam Says:

    She is one of a number of heroic Germans who helped the Jews at a time when the Nazi’s were acting just like the Zionists in Israel are with the Palestinians. I knew several such people in NYC. If the Nobel Prize Committee was so entranced with this lady’s story why did they wait more 50 years to consider it? What Al Gore had to say was far more important. Sorry.

  80. szymon Says:

    Dear Bull Slam,

    She was not German. She was Polish.

  81. George Tanaka Says:

    Carbon Dioxide => Trapped infrared radiation

    Massive man-made gas emissions (billions of tons) => More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere => More trapped radiation => Warming

    It’s very simple, isn’t it? Basic chemistry and Earth science.

    The fact that people think just because something is measured in parts per million it means nothing is retarded beyond reason. It’s a concentration, not an amount i.e. you need to multiply it by the volume of the Earth’s atmosphere, which is clearly massive, in order to truly understand the scope. And to anyone who thinks global warming is a money-grabbing scam, what are you smoking? What “global warming” products are you supposed to buy, exactly? You’re supposed to use LESS of everything and be MORE efficient. If anything, you should be SAVING money. It’s the gas companies (among others) who have ties to Republicans in office and want you to BUY MORE GAS (how shocking!), despite possible cheaper and healthier alternatives.

    “Global warming will soon go the way of the dinosaur much like the whole commotion about the ozone layer depletion, remember?”

    Are you serious? You do realize the reason why the depletion of ozone layer (which will still take another CENTURY to heal) has slowed is because most of the world has recognized the problem and took steps to alleviate it, right? Do you people actively try to be ignorant or is ignorance more a natural state of being?

  82. Spanky Says:

    feefifoto, there is nothing inspiring about this story; yes what the woman did was great, but losing to Al Gore, just goes to show how well organized the nobel peace cocks really are.

  83. Spanky Says:

    szymon, who cares, she did a great thing for humankind. correcting someone on their gramatic mistakes is just arogant.

  84. Bull Slam Says:

    Too many SFB neo-cons on this site whining that Global Warming is not a reality. Global Warming has changed climate so drastically that England is now the producer of fine wine; and France is now the maker of second rate wines. Just the difference of a few degrees is all it took.

    Al gore is a real hero to my kids. I have made sure of that. They will never know the world I knew. Instead, thanks to Global Warming and the criminal foot-dragging of the Bush Whitehouse, they will have severely diminished air quality, in an already overpopulated world; and if the Right wingnuts continue on their insane path not only my kids, but their kids, too, will live to pay dearly for drinking water; not to mention the prospect of handing down to their children, the obscene debt run up by the most crooked, most vile president in American History.

    The Nobel Prize Committee knows exactly what it is doing.

  85. Adam Sinnott Says:

    “szymon, who cares, she did a great thing for humankind. correcting someone on their gramatic mistakes is just arogant.”

    Would just like to say that szymon didn’t correct their grammatical mistakes, it was a semantic mistake that he helped with. You wouldn’t want Al Gore being mistaken for French now would you?

    As for mistakes, I just wanted to say that gramatic should be grammatical and be aware if you could, arogant should have two r’s.

    In case you’re wondering this is how you spell Patronising. ?

  86. pikoloko Says:

    Spanky, gramatic? Getting the person’s nationality wrong is not a graMMatic (yes, double m) error. And correcting somebody’s mistakes is not aRRogant. Learn. Please. Learn.

  87. Timothy Says:

    Hey George if we produce so much carbon dioxide why don’t we plant more trees instead of cutting them to build Al Gore’s mansion.But who cares about Al Gore anyway this woman deserves more praise than any politician should ever get.

  88. me Says:

    Hey Rebecca, gravity is also just a theory as is evolution.

    Now say your prays and get to bed, ya lil’ scallywag.

  89. anon Says:

    the nobel prize has always been a joke. tolstoy was nominated nine times, but lost to people no one reads nowadays. einstein won for a minor theory on light because the prize committee thought relativity couldn’t be proven. kissinger and le duc tho shared a peace prize for signing a cease-fire while simultaneously breaking that same cease-fire (and kissinger himself admits this in “years of upheaval”).
    as for global warming, it’s simple. when people get into a room, it heats up. why? carbon. people give off carbon, carbon traps heat. now think of all the cars and factories and all that smoke. what is it made of? carbon. and what does carbon do? carbon traps heat. and where’s it going? into our atmosphere. what’s it doing? making the world hotter. greenland’s melting, lake chad is already dry, the entire southwest will be a desert in a few decades, and the gobi is spreading east, yet you still don’t see that something’s wrong?
    whatever you think about al gore (and anyone who bitches about carbon emissions while flying a jet is pretty dubious), there is no excuse for being ignorant. science is real. the computer you’re using right now does now run on jesus.

  90. Dogmatist Says:

    “it’s simple. when people get into a room, it heats up. why? carbon. people give off carbon, carbon traps heat.”

    CO2 doesn’t heat up a room its the body heat from all the people. Body heat and the breath from all those warm bodies heats the room up. This is exactly the kind of dogmatic approach to Global Warming that puts people off.

    Oh and i only give off carbon when i’ve been badly burnt.. 🙂

  91. michael Says:

    Truly a heart warming story, she, and hundreds of others who risked their lives day in and day out for others, never knowing each day if you were going to get caught, amazing.

    Got to say though that all the bashing of Al Gore seems misplaced and short sighted. He didn’t take the Nobel Prize away from this courageous woman he was awarded the prize. And Mr Gore’s attempt to awaken the brain dead and ignorant to our suicidal behaviors that otherwise might end life on this planet for all beings hardly seems frivolous. His “slide show” just might save the planet, but probably not.

  92. Graham Says:

    Wow. What an idiotic way to present your post.

    Al Gore’s beliefs are shared by 99% of the scientific community but with idiots like you muddying the issue, you can rest assured that nothing will be done about it in time to save us.

  93. Patricia Wilson Says:

    We need a little balance here – I really see nothing idiotic in your post Michael since Graham’s post follows yours I suppose it is yourself he is criticizing –
    Mr. Gore’s beliefs are shared by 99% of the Scientific Community – in whose report did you read that Graham, did you count them – I believe you have mis-counted.
    At no time should this dear lady’s achievments for Humanity be lessened – or even slightly diminished in any way – but Mr. Gore’s home (a mansion is it?)
    probably does more to emit more carbon than almost any other source – large house – many lights – too much electricity being used – he is a perfect person to talk about Global Warming, if he practices leaving LESS of a Carbon footprint in his own home – people might listen – because finally he does have the right of it – in my opinion we have already got too much global warming for sure – He could lead us better to practicing LESS Global warming – he could show us by his example, starting with reducing the use he makes of Electricity.
    I do not believe Graham has his facts straight

  94. Derek Says:

    This is truly an inspiring story that should not be as easily forgotten. As to global warming I have read countless books, written papers, and studied it over aggressivly over the years. the number one greenhouse gas is not carbon dioxide it is by far water vapor. We can not contest that parts of the world are warming; although parts of Greenland’s ice sheets and parts of the south pole are growing. There seems to be a train of thought that the earth is supposed to be constant, although I wish it were it has never and never will be. It’s a matter of entropy. All this aside though I believe that this woman did more for the soul of mankind as a whole than Al Gore has had the opportunity to do. Of course who’s to say the Nobel Peace Price was ever fair Yassir Arafat won

  95. asdfsadf Says:

    I’m so effing sick of morons who say global warming is “merely” a “theory”. rebecca, grow up. shut up! the world’s best scientists have spend hundreds of thousands of hours — hundreds of years — forumlating the science of these observations.

    You are a disrespectful fool for ignoring it. you know NOTHING.

    What a jerk.

  96. asdfsadf Says:

    peter — best comment is yours. right on the money.

    a meteor could hit the earth tomorrow and all of the “intelligent designers” would tell you it’s “only a theory” and it “didn’t happen”.

    sickening. when will these fools drop the act and get with it?

  97. David Says:

    You know they hand out more than one Nobel prize a year, now there are different categories “peace” being one of them scientific studies or achievements being another, politics, etc. To say that Gore beat her out for THE prize would be a fallacy because there were 6 categories and Al Gore won in only one however note that Al Gore shares the peace prize with the IPCC so in total counting all categories 10 persons and 1 watchdog group called the IPCC won and share nobel prizes. So who gives a flying fuck about Al Gore?

  98. dan Says:

    david just owned you.

  99. Martin Says:

    An amazing hero, but yes, she wasn’t beaten by Al Gore, but many people – including the intergovermental panel on climate change. The Peace Prize isn’t given for heroic actions, such as hers, but actions that help stabilize national and international affairs to create a more peaceful world. She saved many that would have surely perished, but she did not address issues of potential conflict to assure peace.

  100. John Says:

    She was POLISH!

    How could You say she’s German, for God’s sake.

  101. Snarfeh Says:

    Why should Al be ashamed? He was a nominee for the Nobel Prize, not a judge or voter for the winner. And she saved 2500 lives which is very impressive and courageous. However, the fate of humanity is dependent upon whether we can or will reverse the effects of environmental damage. She was a courageous and great woman and she deserves to be recognized for that, no doubt, but she is not Nobel Prize material for her efforts.

  102. Evan Says:

    It’s sick you should use this woman’s heroism to bash Gore. How about all the murderers and losers who won the Nobel Prize, like Kissinger or Begin or Arafat?

  103. Stephen Says:

    This Gore bashing is ridiculous, especially the people who call it “pseudoscience”. There are NO reputable scientists who will tell you that climate change does not exist to some extent. He is just trying to get the issue out there. Don’t blame him for the committee choosing him. He wasn’t as deserving as this woman, but it isn’t like he tried to take the award from her, the committee picked him. I didn’t know there were this many people out there who are this ignorant.

  104. taylor Says:

    I don’t think that winning the Nobel Peace Prize will make much of a difference on what kind of person that she was. sure, she does deserve the highest of honors but I honestly don’t think that the Nobel Peace Prize ever crossed her mind at that time. so what Al Gore got the prize. Martin does have a point, a heroic effort yes, but it wasn’t particularily what the nobel peace prize was all about. i believe in her mind it didn’t matter that she got a trophy and a piece of paper or not. she saved lives. that was what mattered to her. nobody really bothered to put what she thought on the matter either. wether or not she won a prize should not deter us from the fact that she was truely a kind, amazing, couragous woman. we should always remember her. not her prize,or lack there of.

  105. Maleficium Says:

    She should’ve gotten the nobel prize! what a Bullsh*t! Screw Al Gore & all global warming hippies..and their lame THEORIES. She saved children, REAL children not theoretical children! And years of study? Give me a break, Pluto is a planet right? Get over yourself.

  106. Patricia Wilson Says:

    Maleficium – I appreciate what you are saying Nobel Prizes I have seen as a Tad farcical any way – but where you say that Pluto is a planet – why do you say that because it may well be so – it is but it is also a long-legged Yaller Dog owned by Mickey Mouse – tell me please could Disney qualify for a Nobel Prise. and was Not Alfred (?) Nobel the inventor of Dynamite – for so I have heard

  107. taylor Says:

    Maleficium- i don’t get your point on “Pluto is a planet right?” Honestly, would we have ever even KNEW about her if she hadn’t gotten nominated? It probably was never her intention to get known because of what she did. of course she saved thousands of lives, and now we know what a wonderful woman she is. what difference does a peice of paper do? does the nobel prize make her a better woman? does not having one make her herioc efforts less?

  108. Taylor Says:

    Maleficium- i don’t get your point on “Pluto is a planet right?”
    Honestly, would we have ever even KNEW about her if she hadn’t gotten nominated? It probably was never her intention to get known because of what she did. of course she saved thousands of lives, and now we know what a wonderful woman she is. what difference does a peice of paper do? does the nobel prize make her a better woman? does not having one make her herioc efforts less?

  109. EilDard Says:

    It’s sad that people feel the need to debunk a theory with which they disagree. Of course, while exact figures quoted above may not be accurate, the truth is that a large majority of scientists DO accept Global Warming as a reality.

    But this is not an end to it. Many of the ideas promoted by proponents of Global Warming will improve our quality of life immeasurably. For example, the proposed Global Smart Grid would provide clean energy, revitalise poor areas of the world with new jobs and trained engineers to help with sanitation and food production, and would practically enforce global co-operation.

    Most proponents of Global Warming are actively trying to find ways to better the world we live in. There are a few nutjobs that want to do nothing more than scare people, but most, even if you don’t believe in their ideals, are positive, decent people.

    Al Gore is a great figurehead, and while he has made some questionable decisions in both his political and personal life, please raise you hand any that have not. Now, anyone with a hand raised, please discount yourself from any further discussion on the matter, on account of being a conceited fool.

    Onto the actual topic of the post: This woman was remarkable. What she did required great courage and a loving heart. But, as has already been mentioned, many others at the time took actions just as great, just as courageous and just as caring.

    Furthermore, the Nobel Prize has *always* been political. It is a symbol, a way for work that is seen as important to be given an official endorsement, in order that the public, and in some cases, government officials will take it seriously. It is not given out to individuals for the saving of 2500 lives, an achievement which is in no way meaningless, but which is simply not a part of the goals of the award.

    For me, the choice is very simple: We must better the world today, or the memories of yesterday will perish with us.

    Remember Irene and all others like her, people the likes of whom make the world a brighter place to live. But you do not need to hate another in order to do so.

  110. ele Says:

    She was a god’s tool, and i belive she was rewarded in heaven.
    this is another sign of Jesus, he is truth and live, because he puts love in the human beings…

    search him!

  111. Roger Says:

    AL who???? what a waste of a Nobel prize giving it to him. This wonderful lady is now receiving her well earned reward in heaven.

  112. Octopus Says:

    Heaven or not (I’m an atheist myself), this lady made a big difference right here on Earth. She sets a great example for humanity. God bless her (yes, atheists can say that too)!

  113. Patricia Wilson Says:

    Well and good Octopus – that is a great comment – I am heathen myself and have all the Norse Pantheon to talk to but it does not stop me saying Godbless when I think of the way she put her life on the line – what is it the Christians say – it goes like “If ye have done this for the least of my little ones ye have done it for Me” did not their Jesus say that – and indeed aint it the God-Blessed Truth – this lady’s whole life must have been one long prayer – God bless her indeed

  114. Ghost|BOFH Says:

    And to add a little insult to injury:

    Global warming is a hoax.


    Someone go kick those media seeking scientists and the jackass ALGORE in the balls please.

  115. tarwater Says:

    She did not receive the prize because we live in a world of meaningless audio-video, fueled in part by vapid leaders that have no substantial knowledge of the world’s problems or the possible solutions to the problems. Gore was a bore, his “science” was thin, and he made more than a few error of statement.

  116. Allan E. Says:

    Goers Global warming crap was and is just an elaborate rip off scheme that Gore and his cronies used to rake in billions of dollars. If Gore really believed his own stick he would not live such a wasteful life. 50 people could live comfortably on the money he pays for electricity alone. As for the Nobel prizes, they became meaningless politically correct bullshit long ago. Irena does not need such trash to validate herself. Her actions speak for themselves.

  117. Andrew Nichols Says:

    Service to God and personal integrity are their own rewards. Let Al Gore keep his trophy, for all the good it will do him. This wonder of a woman now has riches that leave the “winner” looking like an also-ran.

  118. Jareth Smith Says:

    Some of the clueless global warming naysayers here need to actually read some facts. Gore’s attempting to enlighten morons like you towards the truth and provide a solution to a potentially catastrophic problem.

    • Bob Says:

      Oh please. You really think some rich idiot with a sensationalistic PowerPoint presentation completely divorced from science and evidence is more worthy than a woman who risked life and limb to save thousands of children? You are a disgusting excuse for a human being.

  119. Erin Says:

    I think this is an outstanding story and an inspiration to do the right thing.

    I do not agree that she should have won the Nobel Peace Prize (nor should have Gore for the same reason) as this is not a act of peace, but rather an act of bravery, of defiance against a world of wrong. Although Irena’s act of kindness was indeed a much better fit to the definition of a Nobel Peace prize winner, it is still not quite there. I think the Nobel Institute needs to re-examine the definition of the Peace prize so they will not continue to award it for acts that have nothing to do with peace-making.

  120. Andy Schroeder Says:

    Wonderful story. However I take real issue with the “stupid Al Gore” remark. Mr. Gore didn’t present that film to win a prize. This wonderful lady didn’t go through what she did in her life for the sake of a prize. To suggest either of these concerned human beings ever sought to reduce their lives, their fears and worries, hopes and dreams, triumphs and tragedies, to a name on a plaque and a cheque in the bank is so demeaning to both these people it fairly takes my breath away. Both these people have stood and spoken their truth, inconvenient or not, all of their lives. Neither one needs accolades from the hoi poloi to validate their existences; those who do, I pity.


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