Is 2012 Over Yet?

April 10, 2012



Oh, I’m serious. I’m exhausted. I’m ready for 2013 now!


I’ve been inundated with assignments for work. The work is very welcome, because I’ve got some big bills coming up AND I’m still paying off that kitchen renovation 18 months ago. :-p I am so grateful for the new kitchen, I am happy to work. But I admit, I’m exhausted these days, too exhausted for much blogging.

Even though I’m a bit late (surprise, surprise) for the Monday meme, I like the questions from Acting Balanced (and Wayne is a cool dude); so I’m going to participate in the new meme “Monday Quiz About Me.” šŸ™‚

1. Which three words would describe you best?
Curious. Practical. Creative. On the negative side (it’s only fair): Irascible. Opinionated. Strict.

2. Describe your favorite place in the whole world.
My bed.

funny pictures of cats with captions

3. Sunsets, Sunrises or Full Moons?

Part of the meme is to come up with your own question for readers to answer it in the Comments section. Here’s mine:

What was the most recent foods you ate for dinner?
(I just ate dinner so food is on my mind). For me: salmon, Jasmine rice, edamame.

Have a great week!

4 Responses to “Is 2012 Over Yet?”

  1. Karen and Gerard Says:

    Great pictures here to go with your answers! My dinner last night was a little salad, some papaya chunks, and a glass of Silk Almond milk.

  2. Secondary Roads Says:

    My most recent dinner consisted of a garden salad with ranch dressing, black bean lasagna and a glass of cool (not iced) water. I

  3. Susi Says:

    Spinach ravioli, marinara sauce and chicken cutlets. I like yours better…salmon and jasmine rice two of my faves!!! Take it easy and try to get some rest. We’ll still be here when you come up for air, promise!!! šŸ™‚

  4. Carrey Says:

    Not for dinner but for Breakfast, I just ate a cupcake šŸ™‚