Isn’t She Adorable?!

November 14, 2008


My sweet little Livvy– isn’t she cute? She’s growing so fast now. I really miss the tiny kitten stage. šŸ™ Couldn’t they stay smaller longer? Well, of course she is the darling of the house. The kids have been very busy with the camera these days.

Like i always say, cats and babies are cutest when they are sleeping. Here she is, in the warm laundry. The kids didn’t want to fold the clothes because she looked so comfortable. :S That’s sweet, but I hate ironing so I made them take her out! They snapped this photo first, though.

Asleep in the Laundry

This photo turned out poorly, but I include it because I just LOVE the look on her little face!! It was a cold day, and she decided to snuggle up in the warm spot on the couch. Yeah, I need new slippers. I may as well give these old ones to Livvy anyway, she’s chewed them up already.

By the Laptop

I posted about her discovery of the the toilet paper, on my New York Renovator blog. She’s a real wildcat- she tried to hop on the table during dinner, hides behind the clothes washer so she can try to make a mad dash out the back door…. sighhh. Yes, I miss the tiny kitten stage, when we could at least contain her!

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2 Responses to “Isn’t She Adorable?!”

  1. Lynne Says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that laptops were made to be used on our laps, while sitting on the sofa so that our furry friends can keep warm by laying across/under/over them. It really is a laptops primary purpose!

  2. Lux Says:

    She’s the most precious little thing – we so enjoy her pictures! šŸ™‚