It Smells Like Fall Today

August 23, 2011

Dear Diary

And it smells GREAT.

There are four seasons to a year. You’d think that every season should last 3 months, right? I can’t think of any place on this earth where that happens. Here in Upstate New York, we have 5-6 months of winter, 1 month of spring, 4 months of summer, and 1 month of fall. That’s going by temperatures and weather patterns, not the position of the sun and the equinox thingy and all of that. I like fall best, so 1 month is just not enough. If in heaven I am given my choice of preferred seasons, I’m going for 7-8 months of fall, 2 months of winter, 1 month of spring and 1 month of summer. :mrgreen: Oh, and NO flies and mosquitoes, please.

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I think I could tolerate this kind of weather for most of the year. šŸ˜€

I’ve noticed that lots of bloggers have been experiencing “blogger burnout” or have been going through the “end of summer exhaustion.” I don’t have burnout or exhaustion right now, but I have suffered through it before. Blogging is tough. When you first start out, you always have SO MUCH to write— it’s sheer joy to have a place to share your experiences or stories. The blog may even build up into a small community of friends, who “meet” once a day and chit chat about things. After a while, you may need a break…. life happens, ya know? And stories and things to share get fewer and fewer (especially if you lead a mundane life like yours truly). I greatly dislike the pressure of blogging. Blogging should be somewhat spontaneous, should still be a joy to do. Me, I sometimes have sponsored posts and links and all…. so sometimes there is a great deal of pressure because blogging is also something I do professionally. I don’t want to make my blogs into billboards, so I have to work hard at making the posts extra creative, to offset the other stuff. Not easy. But it’s WAY better than working at McDonald’s….

My kitty likes to crawl all over my desk, nuzzling my face and trying to get my attention. It’s so sweet when she does that. She looks at me with her cute eyes and meows and rubs my face. Sometimes she does it because she’s hungry. She’s so cute that I can’t resist, so I get up to go to the kitchen, to give her a spoonful of canned food in her dish.


Who can resist that adorable face?!


I look around, and she is not in the kitchen. When I return to my desk, she’s stolen my chair!!! She’s good, I tell ya. šŸ˜•



Have you been plagued with mold and mildew this year? It’s been impossible to keep up with it– destroying it, that is. It’s everywhere. The stuff exploded from a very soggy spring compounded with a hot and humid summer. I hate mildew, it’s my enemy. I’m sensitive to the smell of it and I just hate it. It seems to know that I hate it so much, and reproduces profligately just to irk me. I was beginning to wonder if it was “just me,” but when we visited an historic site in Hudson, NY, the tour guide there mentioned that they’ve had a terrible time battling the mildew this year.

Today, I sent the kids on an investigative mission– the house smells like mildew when you first walk in the back door. Very putrid. I told two kids to check under the washing machine, the dryer, the shoes– everything– to find the source of it. The stench was so pungent that I thought perhaps my washer had sprung a leak. They spent quite a bit of time looking in the small corners and crevices, to no avail. They returned to me, saying they could not find any leak. I sent them back, telling them to sniff around for the mildew smell. Almost immediately they returned, holding a pair of work gloves. My son said he’d gotten them wet and *forgot* to wash them, and just left them on the dryer (where they got wedged behind a basket). WHOA those things smelled awful. My throat still burns from smelling them. It’s hard to believe something so small smelled up the entire laundry room and back kitchen area, but I guess they did. *sigh* Mildew and kids…

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6 Responses to “It Smells Like Fall Today”

  1. Carole Says:

    I went outside today to walk the dog and it was COLD – I was like, YES!!!! I love your idea of having fall for 7-8 months and only 1 of summer. I would totally go for that!
    I don’t feel like I’ve had blogger burnout…I still have plenty to say, and plenty of pictures…we’ve just been so busy, computer time falls to the bottom of the list of priorities. I’m still blogging my backlog of vacation posts and in the meantime we’ve been doing lots of other stuff for which I have pics and stories…which I will struggle to find time to get posted…LOL… Definitely a better problem than not having enough material though – I do hate that.
    I am really glad the mildew smell was just from stinky old gloves and not another unforeseen problem with your quirky house, whew!!! šŸ˜€

    • Rebecca Says:

      Carole– I am SO glad the mildew problem wasn’t from the house. When I first smelled it, my heart sank. I’m glad it was just gloves.

      Same here– I’m trying to catch up on all the material I have to do.. but I just don’t feel like doing it, much. I still haven’t posted from our trip to Virginia and to NYC! Plus there’s a bunch of sponsored reviews I have to do, those are tough when they backlog.

  2. Rena Says:

    I LOVE fall too. My 2 fave seasons are spring and fall. Summer is good as long at the temp is not over 80 degrees.

    My basement tends to get some water in it when it rains, not a lot but small puddles here and there. So, it tends to smell damp and mildewy at times. I noticed it yesterday when I was near the stove (the basement folding doors are right near the stove) and I did the *sniff sniff* thing and was like ugh where is that coming from? I realized it was the basement, I gave the basement stairway a dirty look and walked away lol. I need to get a de-humidifier very soon but am hoping that they are not to expensive. We don’t have the problem in the winter because of the furnace being on, thankfully. Thats old houses for ya!

  3. lin Says:

    I noticed the days are getting shorter and it is awfully dewy each night. Heck, I’ve been throwing on a sweater or a hoodie each morning for the ride to work. Fall is coming, I guess.

    I got burned out this summer with blogging. After 3 years and over a 1000 posts, I guess it is bound to happen, right? But I pushed through it (lamely) and never quit. I have started some new adventures so I hope that adds something to my posts. It does get to be a chore sometime–especially when I feel guilty for not posting or visiting other blogs.

  4. blueyes Says:

    Mold and mildew right here. The owners water heater has busted TWICE now and it happens to be elevated and just on the other side of the wall in my laundry room which luckily is outside of the main place. I keep a bottle of bleach with all my laundry detergent stuff to spray when I go in there so it doesn’t keep growing. I think it’s pretty much dead on the outside from what I can see but lord knows what’s going on in the inside since I can’t see through walls but I can tell you it ain’t good because when I push on the wall it caves :/ She’s like way to cheap to fix it.

  5. Anna Says:

    I love fall, too!

    also, your cat – so cute and so smart. Love!