It’s a Steal!

March 31, 2009


I’m ALWAYS nagging my friends and family to back up their computer files. This weekend, I spent TEN HOURS with my friend in Virigina– on the phone– trying to rid his computer of a horrible, zombifying computer virus. We wound up completely reformatting his computer and starting from scratch. It was quite the job. I then helped him install all the necessary security programs, things he hadn’t had and which contributed to his problem to begin with.

Unfortunately, with the reformat, he lost all his computer files because he hadn’t backed anything up. The virus had taken over his computer and prevented him from doing much of anything. He said most of the stuff (pictures of kids, emails, etc) wasn’t very important and he thought he could obtain some of the photos from other folks. He was thrilled to have his computer back, that’s for sure. If this was me, I would have freaked. I have thousands of photos, files, important school files, and more on my computer.

Anyway, I checked out’s Weekly Sale page, and spotted this:

Western Digital

$49.99 is a STEAL, people, a STEAL. That’s a portable hard drive– a very nice Western Digital Portable Hard Drive –and I think that every computer user who has anything of value on their machine should get one. You just plug the thing in, and drag and drop the files and photos you want to save on the portable drive. It saves them all. You can unplug it and put it in a safe place, too. Easy, easy, easy.

I bought one of these last year and paid $120 at my local retailer. :-p Had to pay for tax, too. Double :-p :-p

I love Check out the place for really great sales. Checking the Weekly Sale page has become my routine. They have free shipping on a lot of stuff. And they are “green”! Cool!

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