It’s a Tough Time For a Mathematically-Challenged Mom

February 5, 2010


I *only* spent the entire morning (five hours!) today hashing through reams and reams of papers. Yes, boys and girls, it’s that time of year again– TAX TIME!
And that reminds me– here’s Uncle Jay to explain Taxes and the Deficit! This is one of my favorites.

Yeah, I’m depressed now, too…

Since I am “self-employed” (a writer), I not only have the wonderful opportunity of finagling through my own income, expenses, deductions, and paper cuts, I get to pay 17% income tax on top of it! Hahahah!!!

Anyway… most of the chart-making is done. And I even had enough time to goof-off and make a cute explanatory map of my desk. I did this recently in a New York Renovator post; it was such fun, I did another. Click to enlarge if you can’t read it.


Now for the easy work: hawking all my paperwork off on my husband, who crunches the numbers and does the filing! Muahahahahahah!

I hope that stupid IRS is happy…. :worship:

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2 Responses to “It’s a Tough Time For a Mathematically-Challenged Mom”

  1. Jay Says:

    Oh, this is good! I love that tone of voice…

  2. megscole64 Says:

    I hate the IRS. =( They aren’t suffering in this recession…lots of new agents being hired to slam down on actual productive members of society. *sigh* I’m going to be self employed soon and do NOT look forward to tax time.