It’s Baaaack!

September 26, 2008


For us in the Northern Hemisphere– it’s baaaack! Autumn, and winter is on the way! I love autumn– it’s so colorful and the air is crispy clean. And I prefer cooler temperatures. However, as autumn turns to winter, my skin gets horribly, horribly dry. It’s so bad that my hands crack and bleed. No skin lotion seems to help. Last year I relegated myself to rubbing olive oil on my hands (and that stuff is not cheap. Not to mention I couldn’t keep the dog away from me, lol). But I got a free sample of skin lotion in the mail recently and have been trying it out. It’s Skin MD Natural, and it’s great! It has no fragrance (something I dislike about other stinkier lotions) and has natural ingredients like purifed water, aloe vera leaf extract, Vitamin E, Arnica, Comfrey, Chamomile, and more. This stuff is marketed as helping people with extreme psoriasis and eczema. A few applications a day has seemed to help my hands.

Now I’m not going to kid you– this stuff is not cheap. It’s $18 a 4 ounce bottle, and that doesn’t include shipping. But the folks at Skin MD Natural guarantee that you will love their lotion, and if not, you can return the bottle for a refund. That’s quite a guarantee! And I think it’s a good buy overall, because despite the small bottle, you don’t have to gob it on like you do with the WalMart cheapo lotions. And after a day or two of application, you should start to see a difference right away– so you use less of it, anyway. The price tag might scare some, but I have some good news for you Frugal Hacks– if you are willing to blog about the product with a review, the guys at Skin MD Natural will give you a bottle for free! I think that’s a GREAT deal. And the lotion is very good; out of all the lotions I have ever tried (and I have tried a lot), Skin MD Natural is the best. You can read some testimonials from people who also liked it, here. It’s also the only company that guarantees you will love the lotion or your money back.

If you’re interested, you can try some free samples (small envelopes) before jumping in with both feet. But I think it’s a good buy, and this lotion is the only stuff that has helped my hands. It doesn’t sting going on, and it doesn’t smell like baby diapers, either! Check it out here.

If you are interested in blogging about Skin MD Natural, email Pete Grimaldi at with your blog url and mailing address.


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