It’s Been a While And All I Have to Offer is Crumbs

December 28, 2012


For the first time in my life, I haven’t felt like writing. NOTHING. I may have milked the cow dry. Life has been really hectic and I’m spending a lot of time doing volunteer work for people in need. Did you know that there are a LOT of people in need?! I’m exhausted! Maybe if everyone person in the country just went next door and helped their elderly or sick neighbor once a week, everyone would be provided for, everyone would be healthier and happier and fewer of us would be so exhausted. Alack, we humans are selfish creatures. Anyway, I’ve avoided writing anything here just to see how long I can go on until I lose every last online reader… *sigh*

I got new glasses with a stronger prescription — I’m still legally able to drive!! Yay! :smarty: — but it’s been a doozy trying to adjust to these things. I can’t see far away and I definitely can’t see close up. Today while sitting here at the computer I was about to quit in frustration when I lifted the frames slightly up, off my nose. HOLY COW everything got a little sharper! I wonder why the optician didn’t know this and adjust this for me?! They just pop the frames on my nose and say I’m good to go. I had no idea of the adjustment effect, and have been walking around in a blurry daze for four weeks… Odd thing is that that the lenses now reach up to my eyebrows (where I don’t need to see) but the bottom of the lenses are lifted too high off my cheekbones (where I REALLY need to see). It’s very frustrating, nothing fits right. I liked my old Zenni glasses better but I didn’t have the cash to get them again this time (they don’t take insurance). I actually miss those glasses from the 1980s, those enormous round monsters that ate up half your face. But by golly, at least we could SEE with them. My eyebrows do not need lenses, my EYES do.


Now those suckers are GLASSES. Rock on.

I have read a few news stories lately about kids getting electronics for Christmas and they discover… *ahem* … sordid files on the gadgets. The manufacturers act completely shocked and don’t know HOW on earth that stuff got onto the gadget. Well, I have an idea: the manufacturers are not selling *new* gadgets– they are recycling unwashed, refurbished junk at *new* prices. I don’t think I’ll be getting any *new* gadgets any time soon.

We got our first big snow and it was a whopper! We got 11 inches in less than 12 hours and it is beautiful outside! I got to drive in it for a while and it was actually fun!

We don’t do anything for Christmas so it was quite amusing to read about all your frantic holiday scurryings on your blogs. I love the season — the pretty lights, the warmth, the colorful decorations, the miniature pope and hobo in Tiny Town — but I don’t do decorate and we definitely don’t have a tree. I get to enjoy all of your hard work! I don’t get any loot, though, so that’s the downside. We have a handful of December birthdays in the family so that’s quite enough celebration for me!

Happy New Year, peeps.


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2 Responses to “It’s Been a While And All I Have to Offer is Crumbs”

  1. Lin Says:

    Well, it’s worth setting up all those things under the tree if you are enjoying them too, Rebecca! While it is a lot of work, we all enjoy playing with the train and setting up the village to make everyone laugh….and to search for the Pope year after year. I think I would miss it if we didn’t put it out.

  2. Secondary Roads Says:

    I’m wearing my old glasses again. šŸ˜Ž I need to go back for 3rd visit to the optician. :gah: Almost got it right last time. Additional fitting is required. :banghead: