It’s Just Not Worth It

March 19, 2012


I sold some stuff on an online auction site recently. I haven’t sold anything in a long time, so I naturally stuck with my traditional “low prices” and “free shipping” offers. Oh dear, that was a big mistake.

For one, even though the items were listed at very low prices and the stuff got a lot of bidders, the item only brought me $5 and $10 more than my original low price. The bidders were achingly reluctant to bid very high, marking things up only about 25 cents every time. I wasn’t selling junk, either– I had a practically brand new Microsoft keyboard and two Apple aluminum keyboards among other things. Ouch.

Two, this will be the last time I every offer free shipping. Shipping costs have skyrocketed on par with gasoline prices! Holy cow, it cost me $10 to ship a 2-pound keyboard! So half of my profit — what little I got — was eaten my packaging and shipping costs! For one item, I LOST $2! Unbelievable. And then I have to pay the list fees and profit fees! So I lost even more money! GAH!

I really wonder if the online auction thing is over. It used to be a place where you could find out of print books, really neat collectibles, unique designer gametable chairs with arms and other stuff. Kind of like an online garage sale. But it’s become a place where Big Box stores and other stores hawk their wares, crowding out the little guy because they can sell stuff in bulk. I’m very disenchanted with these sites. Why the heck should I spend $50 more for a refurbished or used piece of junk at the auction site when I can get it brand new with warranty at a real online store?! And it’s kind of “iffy” buying things like electronics and healthcare products because of fraud. A real store will back up your .075% capsaicin cream purchase or at least offer a whole website of price comparison stuff and, for example, consumer chainsaw sharpener reviews before you buy. At the auction, it’s big prices and WYSISYG.

So I’m obviously disappointed. Have you had any good or bad experiences with online shopping? What do you think?

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One Response to “It’s Just Not Worth It”

  1. Karen Says:

    I hear ya! I used to pay $3.50 to send a purse to a customer. Now, I spend almost $6. It is awful! I wish the whole economy would get better so people can spend and we all can earn.