It’s No nonsense Time

January 14, 2013


This post brought to you by No nonsense. All opinions are 100% mine.

I'll soon be entering the world of working outside the home. Yes! I think I am grown up enough now to take on a job. 😉 I've been working from home for a few years and I just can't afford it anymore. Seriously, the taxes (and the long hours working on the taxes) is just too stressful. Did you know that self-employed people pay upwards of 17% of their income on taxes? Wage earners don't see that in their paychecks because in most cases the employer deducts it from the wages. So even though I earn a measly $12,000 or less a year, I still have to pay a ton of income taxes. I am tired of the very long hours and the insecurity of the freelance contracts. So I've been pounding the pavements and submitted some applications. Some positions look very promising but I can't get into details yet – the hiring process takes forever!

I haven't worked outside the home in about 25 years. :O That's a long, long time. The nice working-woman clothes I used to wear have, um, mysteriously shrunk! And I don't think my new employer will appreciate me showing up for work in my super-plushy sweats or my very posh red flannel shirts. Time to look for some new clothes.

I've been shopping around a little. I think I need four or five tops and bottoms to make up several basic outfits. Here are two I mixed and matched — OK, working women, what do you think? I'm kind of rusty with this stuff, so tell me your opinion. Is it still OK to go plain Jane and then cut loose with classy jewelry and leggings?


Did you know that No nonsense still makes No nonsense tights and leggings? They were always my favorite brand because the tights never drooped at the end of the day. Their stuff is even better today, with some really nice colors and styles, and it's STILL sold in food and drug stores and are STILL very affordable. The company has a new fan, fashion expert Jill Martin (co-author of the bestselling guide, "I Have Nothing to Wear!"). I'm gonna need some serious fashion advice so that's good news, indeed.

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One Response to “It’s No nonsense Time”

  1. Rena Says:

    I think that keeping an outfit classic and dressing it up with accessories is a great idea. This way it can seem like you have more clothes than you actually have because the accessories will make them seem different.

    When I worked in an office, I bought classic pieces instead of trendy pieces.
    You can find some great office clothes in consignment shops, thrift shops, online garage sales and such. I may even have some clothing for you that I would love to give you. If you are interested then just privately contact me with your sizes.

    I know that you work very long and hard working from home. I believe that your time is worth much more than what you are getting paid. So, you very well may find some free time when working outside the home. This way you can walk away from the job and leave it there until the next work day. :frolic:
    You will have set hours and you will be guaranteed a paycheck.

    We both know that there are pros and cons to working from home and outside the home. I have experienced both. So that is why I do both, work from home and outside the home. Its fitting for me because I can be flexible and also am guaranteed some kind of money. :teddy:

    I hope that this journey for you frees up more of your time and lessens your stress financially and mentally. God bless!