It’s Saturday!!

January 28, 2012



Woo hoooo!!! I have the day off! The first in a long time! OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH what will I DO today? Should I vacuum… yeah, I should. Should I do laundry?? … definitely. Catch up on the exploding dust bunny population? Clean my tornado-stricken desk or bookshelf? Maybe even install the flatbed scanner and the software I’m missing since the computer virus wiped out my hard drive?

Oh yes yes yes, I should, i know I should.

But. But it’s my DAY OFF.

What do you think I should do today? I’ll have a poll. You vote for one of the following choices and tell me. Even if you read this Saturday night or something, I’ll keep the tally handy and do it the next time I get a day off (which, judging by my estimations, should be sometime in the spring of 2045).

What Say You?

1. “Good God, woman, clean the house before the junk sucks the family into a black hole!”

2. “Get your computer in order. You need it nice and neat so you can visit my blogs and leave your witty comments!”

3. “Meh, relax. You work too hard as it is. Put your feet up, sip the coffee and do some reading!”

Leave your select number in the comments, eh?

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6 Responses to “It’s Saturday!!”

  1. Carole Says:

    Goof grief woman, it’s a no brainer – NUMBER THREE!! It’s a day OFF – REALX!!!! šŸ˜€ You work plenty hard enough – take some time for YOU! šŸ™‚

  2. Rena Says:

    Number 3!!!!!

    • the other Rebecca Says:

      Thanks to all who have “voted” here and on Facebook…. Everyone has chosen #3 so far! Hmm I’ve been running around today submitting resumes… But I AM planning to relax tonight, Lord willing!

  3. Karen and Gerard Says:

    I must go for number 1–if you don’t do these things today, when will they get done (unless you can get your kids to do them which would be best). In that case, you should relax and read or do something fun because I know your computer is a priority for you so you will get that taken care of in good time.

  4. Renee Says:

    I vote for number 3! šŸ™‚

  5. Susi Says:

    I vote for # 3. Sometimes you just have to ignore what’s going on around you and not think. So enjoy that coffee or tea and read a good book.