I’ve Been a Guinea Pig

July 29, 2008

My two bits

I believe in “experimental” medicine. I do, I do. Of course, I believe in all-natural medicine. I was a guinea pig for US obstetrics when I was pregnant for my child. My pregnancies always run very late (3 to 4 weeks late– imagine that!) and my babies are HUGE. So my doctor, a Canadian, asked me if I wanted to try a new procedure to induce labor. It had been very effective in Canada, where the medical industry is more liberal about such things. And I was as fat as a cow and feeling very ill. So I signed the paperwork and was injected with prostaglandin gel (prostaglandin is a naturally-produced hormone that stimulates uterine activity). In two hours, labor started! I was able to have a natural childbirth and I felt GREAT! Unfortunately, the prostaglandin technique did not work for my later inductions– I had to have the Pitocin IV drip, and that was miserable.

Anyway, I am very much in favor of more natural medicine. It is with some interest that I am reading a Resveratrol forum. Resveratrol is a natural chemical produced by some plants (Japanese knotweed and red grapes), and can be synthesized, too. It’s been used to lengthen the lifespans of some animals, and is currently being experimented with as a cancer-treating drug. No one really knows if it will work, but there are some brave people willing to try it.

I think our medical industry has, in many ways, failed us. When we are sick or suffering, what is handed to us? Another drug or devastating treatment (like chemotheraphy). My young niece suffered from leukemia, and OH what those nasty treatments did to her poor little body. šŸ™ All that money for all those decades going to the American Cancer Society and all we have to show for it is chemo??

I believe in healing. I believe that God heals people. That’s the best way. I don’t know why some people are healed and some are seemingly not… but I believe it is possible and I have seen it happen with my own eyes. But God is merciful, too– He has provided us with a world full of provision for our health and happiness. That’s why I am in favor of natural methods for relief and cures.

I have a back injury that sometimes gives me great pain. But besides that, I am as healthy as a horse, and still stronger and more fit than even my own kids! The back injury came from abusing my own body, by making it work much more than it should have. So sometimes I re-strain it and I have pain. But I am trying to get away from pain-relieving drugs and really trying to trust God. And I am trying to take care of my body, to know my limits. For me, that is the hardest thing of all, knowing my limits, because I want to do everything, ya know?

What do you think? Do you hate all the drugs and advertisements for drugs? Do you think God has provided us with natural things– like plants and the chemicals in our own bodies– to heal us? <

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3 Responses to “I’ve Been a Guinea Pig”

  1. Fida Abbott Says:

    Dear Mrs. Mecombers,

    I do believe that God heals people.

    I love natural medicine. My country is the second source place we can find many kinds of the plants for medicine.

    I have special thanks and TAG for you.

    Have great day!

  2. Luxor Says:

    I listen to those television commercials sometimes with my mom, and the side effects sound worse than the illness being treated – in some cases, death!

    Natural is always best, we think.

  3. Ellen Says:

    Hi Rebecca: Great topic to discuss here…I definitely believe God heals people. I also feel certain prescription drugs are necessary for some illnesses. That said…I believe our society is over medicated and I think the prescription drug “empire” has become a monster. For myself, I tend to lean toward alternative cures if at all possible. I take many supplements on a daily basis – vitamins etc. When I have an ailment I try very hard to find the root of the problem and then tackle it head on and in many cases I’m successful. On a daily basis I pray and thank God for all his blessings in my life and I always ask for a healthy body and mind. Currently I’m going through the menopause stage and it’s kicking my butt :)! I’ve been in it for awhile now and for some reason it’s been rough lately BUT I’m trying to solve the problem rather than be filled with prescription drugs. Know what I mean!!!I’m trying to eat healthy foods, supplements, meditate, lots of prayer, positive attitude and enough rest. Getting enough rest is the problem.