I’ve Had It With Email Forwards!

November 5, 2008


Like I’ve been whining about over and over, my hard drive crashed and I have been working on restoring everything to a new one. One thing I forgot to do was delete all the old emails from my ISP email server before setting up my email accounts in my Windows Mail program. Oops. I have four email accounts with my ISP, with email going back to January. Can you imagine the thousands of emails that came flooding down the pike when I set up Windows Mail on this new computer?! I spent over an hour hashing through all that old email stuff. What really made me steamed was a lot of it was just plain junk, like those “Fw:”s (Forwards) from Great Aunt Biddy who sends me every funny Internet joke, urban legend, and cutesie dog photo on the web. It took up a TON of space, both on my ISP email server and in my hard drive. Ugh!

I came across a very nice solution to this problem, and I have full intentions of informating Aunt Biddy about it. It’s called forwardOn.com, and it looks like it will be the newest thing in email circulation! Maybe you have wondered, too– for example, all those images on the Internet– we see one we like and we upload it to our server and use it on our site or in our email. And then someone else sees the same thing, and he uploads it to his server and uses it on his site and in his email, and it goes on and on. Has anyone ever stopped to think HOW many places the same image and/or message has been uploaded and stored on different servers?! It’s wasteful!

forwardOn.com is trying to solve the problem. The site is really neat! Their goal is to conserve all the bandwidth, media storage, and power that is wasted by the constant circulation and storage of repetitive media. And forwardOn.com is free to register and free to use! There’s even an incentive, because you can earn points which are redeemable for Amazon gift cards and etc. You can start off by getting 5,000 points for every friend you invite to join.

Once you join forwardOn, you can start sharing Aunt Biddy’s emailed videos, pictures, jokes, and etc– you simply forward the email to share@forwardon.com. forwardOn.com will clean up the email and post it on the website within seconds. fowardOn.com then sends you an email with a link to the message, and you can forward the url link to your pals. Ingenious! It saves a TON of time, energy, and bandwidth… not to mention your sanity.

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One Response to “I’ve Had It With Email Forwards!”

  1. Capri Says:

    There’s also http://www.forwardgarden.com and http://www.emailjunkyard.com which I haven’t used for forwarding stuff, I have used them as a reference to show people that their crappy forwards weren’t so original and special after all – when I couldn’t get a snopes.com link on whatever they sent me.