I’ve Run Out of Hand-Me-Downs

October 4, 2010

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With four kids, I have never had to deal with the problem of buying new clothing every year– the kids just passed down their clothing to the next smallest sibling. Unfortunately, the kids are older now, and my eldest two have stopped growing. Which means my seemingly endless supply of hand-me-down clothing has dwindled considerably. My youngest son has a mere three pairs of pants and four shirts. :-O So I find myself having to scurry to the clothing store to replenish his dresser.

Problem is– clothes these days! OMG, how do you moms do it?? Where do you find suitable clothing for your children?? There is just NO WAY I am paying such high prices, and for such horrible styles. The pants for boys are awful– waistlines that sink down to their knees?? Why are boys’ clothes so sloppy and baggy? And why are girls’ clothes so tight and revealing? I cannot bear to part with my cold cash to fund such immoral clothing styles. It’s a pity. Now I remember why my son is down to three pairs of pants and four shirts! They are the dregs of an older era, a time when “being sex-ay” wasn’t part of a child’s clothing vocabulary, back when clothes were neat and tidy and were mere coverings, not filled with advertisements or sexually-manipulative styling. What a travesty, truly.

I went to Walmart the other day, and was appalled to see so many young girls in the tightest clothing ever. There they were, cavorting around while their moms and dads shopped.


Please, please tell me why parents allow their children to wear such clothing. When I was a kid, I did wear sloppy clothing (until my teens, when I started to care about my appearance). My parents did nothing about it. However, if I dared to wear tight clothing (and I had a pair of sleek Jordache jeans!), my parents threw fits. I remember I once tried to wear a baseball cap that said “Together we Stand” (it had a US flag on it), and my step-dad would not allow me. He thought it was unfit for a teenage girl to wear! But I never resented him for being too protective. If anything, I appreciated it. Which makes me baffled by all the kids today, wearing the sluttiest clothes– out in public, even!

I’ve heard that there’s a bit of a rebellion brewing– moms are fed up with the slutty clothing that stores are selectively offering for their children. Hurray for them! I like the “neat” clothing for boys an girls, such as is found at great universal. It’s comfortable without being sloppy or slutty. I hope to see more outcry about this issue, and more choices given to us by clothing stores.

When you need to buy clothing for your kids, what do you do? Are you unhappy with the styles offered to us by the Big Box stores? Got any ideas? Because until then, my son is stuck with his three pairs of pants and four shirts…

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9 Responses to “I’ve Run Out of Hand-Me-Downs”

  1. Karen and Gerard Says:

    I hate that low baggy pant style for guys. It’s even worse when an old man wears them low enough that his butt crack shows! The guy who rides my bus in the morning came one day with his pants falling down. It was so disgusting!

  2. Rena Says:

    Although I don’t have kids, I have a hard time finding clothes for myself. Being a plus sized woman, most of the styles are either way too trendy and trashy or way too Grandma looking. Once in a while I may find some good clothes at Wal-Mart or K-Mart. I have also heard that Old Navy has some really good deals on their clearance racks for kids.

    I shop at thrift stores… Salvation Army, Goodwill and garage sales. There is a $7.00 off coupon for a purchase at Salvation Army on the back of Price Chopper receipts. Also am not sure if you heard of freecycle but its a give and take organization for free. http://www.freecycle.org You can post what you need and also post things that you wish to give away.

  3. Renee Says:

    Well, if you have time to spare, thrift stores are one place you could look. They certainly are the most inexpensive option. But you really have to look! And you probably have to go more than once because you don’t always hit the jackpot the first time.

    I like to save up and wait until a sale and then buy clothes. We have various clothing stores around here, so you could look in some of the other stores, and maybe you’d find something better. Also, layering clothes helps with the current styles. If you get a few basic plain shirts or something like that, you can wear them under other clothes that wouldn’t be acceptable by themselves. Layering is usually in style! šŸ™‚

    I think most of the times I go to clothing stores, I wait until there is a specific coupon, then I scour the whole store for everything in my size. (a hard to find size LOL) Then I usuall end up with at least four or five nice things from the whole store. So if you comb the store from one end to another, you just might come up with a few things that are really good. Even with the baggy low jean styles, you can use belts, wear longer shirts, etc. There is absolutely no reason for someone’s pants to be falling off. That’s why they invented belts! LOL

    That’s my two cents! šŸ™‚

    • Rebecca Says:

      Thanks for the comments full of helpful tips! šŸ˜€

      Benjamin Franklin once said, “Eat for yourself, dress for others.” I think modern society has turned that proverb on its head…

      I have tried some thrift stores. Boys clothes for boys ages 12 to 18 is SO SO HARD to find!!! I once asked a lady why this was. She said she didn’t exactly know, but boys that age probably just “wore their clothes right out.” šŸ˜ My oldest son is built much like his dad, so they share stuff. But my youngest is totally different, and I can only find new things for him. I’ve been waiting for the styles to change to something decent, but it’s been a few years now! LOL.

  4. blueyes Says:

    I’ll see some of the kids come in to clinic with their jeans around their thighs and I’ll go behind them and jack em up and ask them why did they get them so big and where’s their belt. It’s stupid IMO.

    My mother couldn’t buy clothes to save her life. I hate everything she bought. Just give me jeans/shorts and a t-shirt everyday and I was cool. I hated skirts and dresses then and still to this day do not own any of the sort.

    Today though work doesn’t afford me the luxury of jeans and a t-shirt so I have to get dress pants. Prices are ridiculous but Goodwill has some great stuff still with stickers on it at great prices. Check em out.

  5. akaGaGa Says:

    Or you could invest in a sewing machine. (I just got a new one on sale, because my old one finally smoked itself to death.) It puts you in charge of the style and the fit, and if you buy decent fabric, they don’t ever fall apart. I still have some things I made 30-plus years ago!

    • Rebecca Says:

      I have a sewing machine. I used to sew my girls’ clothes when they were little.

      Don’t think I have time OR patience to do such again. I have enough projects on my plate! But thx for the idea anyway. šŸ˜€

  6. akaGaGa Says:

    I have enough projects on my plate! Of course you do! C’mon, Mom, I know you’re good at delegation. Let the kids sew!

  7. Caroline Says:

    I have the same problem buying for my girls….I went to thrift stores for the first time this year, and must say, I am now addicted! I can put together funky, fun outfits for my 10 year old, and she doesn’t have what everyone else is wearing! My girls, ages 6, 8 and 10 all love skirts and dresses, but everything out there is too Madonna-esque this year. Thrift stores and rummage sales are the way to go!