Last Chance for Cryo-Cell Sale

July 29, 2009


There’s a terrific promotion on umbilical cord blood collection kits at Cryo-Cell. If you are expecting a baby– or if someone you know is expecting a baby– this is a great time to take advantage of the lower, promotional price. This makes a beautiful gift for a young couple.

Umbilical cord blood is loaded with stem cells. These stem cells can be collected by a medical professional at the birth of your baby, and the blood is placed in secure storage for future use. Stem cells are known to help treat such diseases as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and there is very promising research that stem cells will rebuild cardiac tissue, treat immune diseases, and reverse the effects of diseases like Multiple Sclerosis. One of my baby nieces, stricken with leukemia in her infancy and needing a bone marrow transplant, certainly could have been helped with this. The only option for her was to obtain bone marrow from a donor (in her case, a baby brother). Bone marrow transplants are NOT fun, especially for kids. 🙁 I’m happy to say both kids are doing better, but it’s a horrible thing to go through. There’s hope that stem cells research will show even more promising health developments and disease-prevention for the future.

So this is a great time to save some money on a spectacular serivce. Cryo-Cell is the world’s largest leading cord-blood collection and blood bank agency. They were instituted in 1989 and have a record of cord-blood transplants for diseases like leukemia and lymphoma. Cryo-Cell is based in Florida but has services all around the world.

Right now– until July 31, 2009, Cryo-Cell is offering their best-family-plan premium family service, “Protect Baby, Protect Mom,” for only $995 (this is $725 off the full price!). It includes processing, testing, and the first year of storage. This offer expires at midnight on July 31. Use the promo code 995PS for this low price.

Cryo-Cell also has a special on their Signature UCORD Service and Exclusive C’elle Service. That’s $1299 but you also must use the promo code P2PS for that discount.

REMEMBER you only have until July 31! So this is THE time if you’ve been waiting to do this. See the Cryo-Cell website for more details.



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