Last Minute Unusual or Fun Gifts

December 16, 2010


I love fun gifts. I never gave my mom potholders or my dad a tie for Christmas– I got her a pet rock or for him I made a sock puppet that looked just like him, lol. They actually LIKED those gifts, too… although I think my mom didn’t feed the poor pet rock and he died. Ha!

Well, if you are starved for gift ideas, I’m here to help! I was recently browsing, and found some pretty neat things! One tip, though. NEVER buy anything at Macy’s for full retail value– TOO expensive! You can save with Macy’s coupons at

OK, on with the show…

I love these. They are “Touchscreen compatible” gloves. While I walk outside, I sometimes like to use my phone (to tweet and check email). No can do in the cold, not with normal gloves. These have little pads on the fingers to allow you to use your phone! There’s a guy in Canada who will be selling these, too– I’m going to get some from him. They’re called “Twittens.” I’ll do a review as soon as they arrive. So neat!

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This is a purse hanger. What a great idea! You can keep your purse off the floor in the closet, or at the restaurant table.

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This lamp is very, very cool. But it would be wicked hard to dust. Get it for someone who either loves dusting, or who has a maid. Or helpful kids, heh heh.

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This cracked me up. A Stinky Dorm Kit. Hoh boy, does Macy’s know kids or what! Not a gift for the super-sensitive college student, I reckon.

This is a bladeless fan. SO cool. Literally, haha! I saw one at a local store. I have no idea how the thing works…

So those are just a few nifty and unusual gift ideas. Remember– use your coupon codes! You’re welcome. :mrgreen:

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