Late to the Party

July 21, 2011


Yeah, it’s hit us at last: the blistering “heat dome” that the weather dudes and Drudge Report are hyperventilating about with breathless exuberance. I haven’t seen my local weatherman THIS excited since the 1993 blizzard…

I’m sorry that all you guys in the west and mid west and slightly mid west and west-east have suffered…. but now that’s it’s hit the east coast, you’re going to suffer all over again as you hear the groans and collective sighs coming from the Northeast. It’s our turn now. And here I thought nothing could beat all that hot stuff belching from the mouths of our politicians… well, this is pretty close. And like the crickets, my Complain-O-Meter noises quicken with the temperature.

:rainy: Five more months, only 5 more months….

funny pictures - Dis is mai interpreetashion of  "Kat on a Hot Tin Roof"

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One Response to “Late to the Party”

  1. lin Says:

    Well, at least it gives us something to complain about. Criminy, it’s hot. My car temp read 107 today, briefly went up to 108 and then back down to 107–I was almost cold.