Learning to Lounge

July 12, 2011


You know the type. The kind of person– high strung, plagued by restless leg syndrome, always tapping their fingers or babbling on about the dozen or so big project they are working on— who cannot relax. Um, that’s me. *blush* I never dreamed I’d turn out to be a workaholic, but here I am.

I’ve been purposely attempting to relax, honest I have! But it’s SO HARD sometimes. I always have things to do, and when I don’t, I am always creating things that I need to do.

So it’s sites like these that are made for people like me: HowToLounge.com. LOL I love that domain name. Here’s a winner of a post: How to Reduce Stress. The site is relatively new. I saw a lot of posts about how to mix vodka (so, Lin, there ya go!!!). I’m not into vodka. I don’t want to relax THAT much!! :-p I’d rather just… lounge. lol.

The site has some good tips about lounging. If you are plagued with workaholicness (I also invent new words in my spare time, LOL) or know someone who is, take a look at the site. It’s free to read the articles. You just may find something helpful. 🙂

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