Lenovo’s ThinkVision LT1421 – Wow!

March 14, 2012


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lenovo for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m a computer monitor FREAK. Some people obsess over their floors, others over their clothing. Me, I am a monitor NUT. I suppose it’s because a large chunk of my day, every day, is spent staring at the 23-inch screen on my desk. I work here, I teach the kids here, I play games and blog here. So several years ago, after suffering eye strain from lousy monitors, I decided to buy ONLY the best. And I’ve always got my eyes on monitor technology. Enter Lenovo ThinkVision. This is pretty neat! See how slim it is.

Flat Panel - 14

It’s marketed as a portable monitor. It’s sleek 14 inches, 2 pounds, comes with a case, and is made of durable materials for carting around. It’s USB-powered, which means there’s no frustrating power cord to pack up and carry around. Sweet! This is perfect for the business person, both as an extra monitor for improved productivity or as a great way to share stuff with clients (spreadsheets, presentations, etc). No more need for a big projector or being squeezed between clients as they squint at your tiny laptop screen. Very nice.

I also see this as a terrific addition to a homeschool. When the kids and I work on projects or papers together, we often have to shuffle our chairs closely to work together on the computer. The ThinkVision creates a very nice additional tool for kids to see what your doing. It also saves you from having to buy another computer JUST to share a screen with the other students.

The monitor is extremely reasonably priced (retail right now is only $199). If you are interested, you can get 10% off with a coupon code from Lenovo:

Dates: 3/1/12 – 3/31/12
Discount: 10% off
Part number: 1452DS6

Check it out. Very nice!

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