Let Me Give You a Kissimmee!

May 19, 2009


Woo! Gotta love the sweepstakes. I have yet to win one yet…. but, hey, ya never know! It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, right?! This is a beautiful giveway– the Kissimmee Freedom to Enjoy Sweepstakes. I’ve only been to Florida once, but ooo I’d love to see it again– and have the kids see it, too.

Kissimmee is a GREAT place. I visited it years ago. It’s near all those “big” places, like DisneyWorld and the Epcot Center, and to SeaWorld (which we hope to see someday); but Kissimmee retains that small-town charm, too. There are hokey places to visit (I love these kind of “Roadside America” sites) like the Monument of States in downtown Kissimmee. And there are very, very cool things to do, like taking a airboat over the swamps! Wooooo! Boy, I’d love to do that! Remember Marlin Perkins and his Wild Kingdom? They used to whip those airboats across the water.. man! That would be a super vacation, let me tell you. And then there’s the Heritage Trail! And the Morse Museum of American Art! And the Osceola Heritage Park!


So how does Kissimmee sound to you, huh? It gets even sweeter to think that such a vacation could be free! Well, check out the Kissimmee Freedom to Enjoy Sweepstakes for that: the giveaways include three weekend getaways (that’s 3 days and 2 nights) for two people; and TWO week-long vacations for four people. Entering the contest is easy (email and name and address, etc). I did! It’s free to enter, and you just never know. And we might just find ourselves relaxing on the beach, sipping iced tea and watching our kids battle the beautiful ocean waves for a week! Check out the site for more details.



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