Like a Good Neighbor…

May 5, 2011


Insurance has been on my mind quite a bit these days. I can’t believe it’s been a week since our yard and basement was flooded. We are still cleaning and picking up the pieces (and we’re still hauling away all the ruined junk!). THANK GOD we had insurance. The insurance has covered just about all our losses, including a new hot water tank and replacement of all my molding for the home renovations. And looks like we will have to use some of the insurance money to shore up the main beam of the home and some joists, as the water ruined an old brick pillar that was holding up the main beam (*gulp*). Some of my neighbors, unfortunately, were not insured and are incurring a total loss on their basement contents. Two local counties have been declared as “state disasters,” so hopefully these folks can get some help with the cleanup. But for me, it’s just too risky hoping for state or federal money for things like this. I’d rather have a solid policy so I know where I stand. That goes for all kinds of insurance.

My husband used to work in the insurance sector– both property and casualty and life insurance– so he knows the ropes. He also saw the sometimes tragic consequences of people who died and left their families in debt and without life insurance, and homes that were not insured and were later damaged or destroyed. šŸ™ It’s heartbreaking.

If you live in the San Ramon, California, area and need some caring attention and excellent insurance advice, check out Joanne Bryant Life Insurance San Ramon. Her reviews on Yelp are outstanding! Gee, she’s almost as well-liked as my husband was. šŸ˜‰

Seriously, it’s not fun going through tough times. It’s even worse when tough times destroy your finances. Joanne Bryant is ready and willing to talk about life insurance and make sure you and your family is covered. Believe me, it’s such a relief to know that things are taken care of!


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  1. Nicole Abdou Says:

    Really sorry to hear you had a water mishap. Glad insurance is working out for you!