Loans Groans

March 26, 2011


If only I knew then what I know now: shop around for better loan rates, pay off the higher interest rate loans first, claim deductions on taxes for all the interest we’re paying, and etc. Oh SURE, NOW Dave Ramsey comes along! Dave, where were you when we were a struggling young family who knew absolutely nothing about finances or investing or VA loan rates or nothing!

Oh well, live and learn. Better late than never. A penny saved is a penny earned, and all that jazz. It’s not like we could have qualified for a veteran home loan or anything…

Yeah, it’s tax time. The husband We STILL haven’t done out taxes yet. He’s the brainy math guy, I stay far away lest I mess something up. We usually finish our taxes in February, as soon as all the W-2s come in. But this year, we’re not so eager. This year, we’ll probably owe. :-p

Years ago, when I was searching high and low for ways to fund out mortgage, I discovered quite a number of amazing grant programs. They offered free funds for things like a first home, fixing up your home, etc. But you know what? You had to be either a Native American or a veteran to get them. And even though the Hubs is an Air Force brat, he isn’t officially a veteran. Which is something I contest. Hellooo, didn’t my husband endure base housing and military school and all that forcible traveling to new places? I’d say he’s a veteran of something! No VA loan funding fee for him! Oh well, we made do. But we made some dumb decisions and some mistakes along the way.

Here’s hoping we pay off the mortgage and other loans before retirement age. šŸ˜€ I hear the mortgage burning ceremony brings quite the thrill. šŸ™‚


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