Making Money Online

August 29, 2009

Finances, Reviews

I am pro-blogger. That doesn’t mean that I blog on a higher calabre than non-professional bloggers (even though I do try to!), it just means I make money from my blogging. I’ve chosen it as a temporary career, and I make a *decent* income from it. It didn’t happen overnight, either. There were hoops and hurdles I had to go through, and I had a lot to learn. But I am mostly self-taught- in everything from learning SEO techniques to CSS coding to database management to marketing my “brand.” Not too many have the time and/or energy to put forth all of that; and I do get a lot of emails from people, asking how to get started in something like this, or in making money online in any way. I try to give them tips, but the best thing I have to offer is “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. –Thomas Edison” Nothing replaces hard, hard work!

The folks at MoneyMakerClub asked me to write a short post about this issue, and to present you with some information they have that might help you. It’s the “MoneyMakerClub” and it’s designed to help people get started in a career and/or business online. Yes, it costs money to join the club, and yes, some of the information is obtainable elsewhere… but like I said, it takes a lot of time and effort to find it and learn how to do it. The MoneyMakerClub has compiled everything together in an online resource. They provide the education and give you some resources to point the way for you (kind of like a marketing tool box), but only you can make that money yourself by doing what you need to do! Now this in unresearched stuff, so do your homework. It is great earning money online, from home! 😀

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