Man Builds His Dream Girl

December 10, 2008


Talk about a low-maintenance woman. A dude from Ontario (a scientific genuis, no doubt) created a female robot that he considers his companion. This is just too weird.


Photo from TheSun.

Inventor Le Trung, 33, created Aiko, said to be “in her 20s” with a stunning 32, 23, 33 figure, shiny hair and delicate features.

She even remembers his favourite drink and does simple cleaning and household tasks.


Typical chauvanist man! Wants a girl who will wash his socks, never complain, and is always in the mood. lol. Your bigotry is showing…

Le, a scientific genius from Brampton in Ontario, Canada, said he never had time to find a real partner so he designed one using the latest technology.

Dude, it’s pretty obvious you had time to find a real partner. You spent enough time, building a partner!

The odd looking pair go out for drives together in the Canadian countryside, before sitting down at the dinner table, but Aiko never eats anything.

Le said: “So far she can understand and speak 13,000 different sentences in English and Japanese, so she’s already fairly intelligent.

…“I may need to have Aiko look after me one day.

“She doesn’t need holidays, food or rest and she will work almost 24-hours a day. She is the perfect woman,” he said.

“People have mixed reactions when they meet Aiko,” he said.

So… here’s the qualifications for being the “perfect woman” (gals, take notes here):

  • skinny as all get-out (32, 23, 33?! That’s like, the size of a ten-year old)
  • shiny hair
  • delicate features
  • never complains
  • fairly intelligent (but can’t be more intelligent than her maker)
  • does household chores
  • no holidays
  • no rest
  • no food
  • “take care” of your man someday

LOL. This is just too much. It’s kind of weird how this guy is being exalted, like he’s finally relieving the world of all its problems. Oh he’s smart and made something really amazing, but to treat the robot like a real companion as if a human woman can be so easily replaced… it’s kinda perverse and yukky. It shows where the guy is kind of coming from– I want a robot, not a wife. And the reason you are unmarried is?

Women are not blank slates, for selfish men to pick and choose components for. Hasn’t this kind of thinking traditionally lead to foot binding, corsets, anorexia, and the latest “hot or not” craze?

Just for the record, the perfect woman WAS built– Eve. God built her. And we women are of Eve. The perfect woman is not all about doing whatever the man wants. There’s that little element about giving AND taking, in any relationship; and that’s what makes a relationship something that’s real and meaningful, and… uniquely human… ykwim?

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26 Responses to “Man Builds His Dream Girl”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I agree. That is just too weird!

  2. Sheila Says:

    I also agree! It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it!

  3. The Historian (Ms. Mecomber) Says:

    Ugh. I think I know why this guy is unmarried; no lady in her right mind would have anything to do with him.

    So, what’s the headline for this news story?

    “Men Like Barbie Too — Ontario Man Invents His Own”???


  4. Jen @ Mommay's Mayhem Says:

    Am I the only one wondering if this dude made it anatomically correct for himself? he he

  5. Modernmommy Says:

    What the heck is on her head? This guy is very freaky.

  6. The Hawg! Says:

    Wow. That’s one of the creepiest things I’ve read lately.

    Remember parents — teaching your kids social skills is important!

  7. Pam Says:

    Can you say “Stepford wife?”

  8. Cindy Says:

    Well, if that’s not the craziest thing I’ve ever heard…

  9. Leo (Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle) Says:

    This is cool. I saw a documentary about this “thing” once, really interesting group of peole.

    the only disturbing about this is that the doll looks underage, lol.

  10. Duni Says:

    Hmm. Well, if it makes him happy…?

  11. Ann Says:

    Whatever trips his trigger and floats his boat. I personally find it disgusting, he sounds as if that he thinks the men are superior to women and that all a woman is good for is as a waitress and to satisfy his “needs”.

  12. pam Says:

    Now we know what’s to replace us: Stepford Wives.

    “The odd looking pair go out for drives together in the Canadian countryside, before sitting down at the dinner table, but Aiko never eats anything.”

    Paging Dr. Freud!!

  13. schizoshrink Says:

    definitely weird.. it reminds me of the movie “the stepford wives”..

  14. Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" Says:

    Part of the attraction of a “perfect” woman is being spontaneous and loving, nurturing. Where’s that in this little robot?

  15. Monica Says:

    There are medications for this I’m sure. However, at some point – she’ll get even smarter and then demand rights. At the point she’s aware of her own being, well… watch Star Trek and Battlestar Gallactica… it gets kinda bad for the slave owner.



  16. Rebecca Says:

    I have never heard of “The Stepford Wives.” Have to check it out.

    Monica- LOL! Yeah, what’s the female name for “HAL”?

  17. Kirsten Says:

    This guy is great! Where did you find him? 🙂

  18. Mom Says:

    Lack of time is not likely to be the reason this man is without a human partner…

  19. Lynne Says:

    That’s just creepy! And sort of sad that he couldn’t find a real person to keep him company.

  20. Babs - beetle Says:

    Oh my word! It’s a bit like ‘The Stepford Wives’ I don’t think it was a British film, but just in case it was. It’s about a town where the men gave a drug to their wives, turning them all into little ‘Aiko’s’.

    He’s a very weird man!

  21. chilly Says:

    Whaaaaaaat?????? OMG! I honestly don’t know what to say to this! Just to freaky for sure. LOL!

  22. bluecrystaldude Says:

    I agree with Babs – beetle. It’s just like The Stepford Wives. LOL. Anyone wants to offer to be his wife? He really need one!

  23. Angelika Says:

    Look for your High Five from me HERE! 🙂

  24. melissa Says:

    Good thing he knew how to make a robot, because he would never get a real woman. With that description for the job, who would apply? You would have to be a robot.