Meet Me on Monday #33

January 31, 2011


Monday, AGAIN?! Already?!

Is it just ME? Seriously. Do the weeks fly by for everyone else, too?

I like Mondays, though. I love the fresh start, the new week, the horizon before me! But because I slacked off over the weekend, I have a ton of writing to do today. Ugh. WHY didn’t I do it all on Saturday? LOL

It’s time again for the fun meme, Meet Me on Monday, hosted by Java. Click the picture to see more participants.

By the way, I hope you have eaten today– because Java has MORE food questions this week! LOL


1. What do you put on your hot dog?

Hee hee. This:

My daughter has two Yorkies (well, they are half Yorkie and half Maltese, so they are “Morkies.” She just got some cute sweaters for them, so they can go outside. She didn’t get the monkey outfit, but if I had one, I’d put it on the dogs. *snicker* They’re so ditzy, they’d never know the difference.

But when it comes to food…. well. I like ketchup AND mustard on my dog. I don’t like buns (too bread-y) so I tuck the dog in a wrap or eat it plain. I don’t eat hot dogs very often, though. When I was a kid, we were told hot dogs were made from goats’ eyes.

2. Do you play Sudoku?

I tried, a while back. I lost interest because a) I prefer word games, and b) I never have time to play games! I am always working on something. But that’s OK, I take pleasure in my work. My husband is a Sudoku FIEND. He loves math and will play math puzzles– JUST FOR FUN! Yes, I married a strange one!

3. What is your favorite vegetable?

OH! What to choose, what to choose!!! When I was a kid, I hated veggies and only ate them because I’d be punished if I didn’t eat them. I am making up for lost time, now! I love Brussels sprouts! Edamame! OH YUM. Snow peas! Cucumbers! Kale! I love it all!

4. Do you color your hair?

Nope. That reminds me, I need to get it cut and maybe permed… I work such long hours that I often forget to make time for “me.” I used to use some kind of summer highlight stuff, since I was outside gardening all the time. I haven’t done that in a few years. Besides, I’m getting some gray/white hairs mixed in with my dark hair now… what would I color my hair?

5. What is your favorite brand of clothing?
Brand? Um…. I don’t know. Whatever is on sale, lol. White Stag at Walmart has been good for me. I can’t wear jeans anymore, because they bind the spine right at lumbar #4 and #5, lol.

I look forward to reading your answers, if you played along! šŸ˜€ Have a great Monday!


3 Responses to “Meet Me on Monday #33”

  1. Beverly @ The Buzz Says:

    Can’t wear jeans? Bless your heart! I wouldn’t know what to do.

  2. Karen and Gerard Says:

    I love your answers–you always make them so interesting! My favorite vegetable is corn, especially on top of mashed potatoes! Sudoku is more about logic than math–I learned how to play by skimming a short book on it that I found in Marc’s–it is a time killer though. My favorite brand is St. John’s Bay found at Penney’s.

  3. Tiny Temper Says:

    Love your doggy answer – I did something similar!