Meet Me on Monday #44

May 2, 2011


I was considering skipping the meme this week, due to all the craziness going on (I’m in the middle of transferring all my domain names– 9 of them!– and then there’s the flooding and cleanup still going on, and I’ve been very busy with freelance work…). But I think I need a little break from the craziness, just to have a little whimsical fun. So I am extracting my galoshes from the mud and ignoring the weather forecasts for more rain this week…. and I’m gonna have a little whimsy.


1. What is your favorite kind of muffin?
I rarely eat muffins. Too dry. I don’t know why it is. When other folks are chowing down on blueberry or chocolate chip muffins, I’m gagging from mouth dehydration. If I was backed into a corner and forced to choose a muffin or experience a firing squad, I guess I’d choose cranberry-orange. It’s the moistest muffin that I know exists. lol

2. What was the first car you ever owned?
A Dodge Omni. I didn’t learn to drive until I was about 20 years old. I bought my first car before getting my license (don’t tell anyone, ok?). Oh, I could tell you STORIES about driving that car.

Right after getting my new car, I got a job at a rural radio station. Radio station transmission towers are usually high atop hills, to allow for better transmission of radio waves. That’s nice for people int he valleys, all cozy in their homes listening to radios, but for those of us who work at radio stations, we have to trek up those hills to get to the station. I can laugh about it now, but it was pretty scary, sometimes. Some of the roads were unpaved, and were mountain switchbacks. I remember hanging a sharp curve on one of those 1-1/2 lane roads when a huge delivery truck came barreling down at me. I slammed on the brakes and had to let the guy pass by. Good thing I’m not afraid of heights.

The worst time traveling up the mountain was in the spring. During winter, we just plowed through deep snow drifts, sometimes getting help from a friendly neighbor. But in spring, temperatures were always in the freeze-thaw mode, many times a day (and I worked nights). The roads would freeze over into black ice. I remember driving up one steep hill… only to suddenly experience the car going backwards, down down down as the tires lost traction on the ice. I landed in a ditch, safely, until help came. It was one of the scariest times in my life.

Another time, it was dark and I had to drive through the heaviest fog I’ve ever experienced. Totally blinded, I had to shut off my headlights, roll down my windows, and drive by “sonar,” listening to the sound of the car engine bouncing off the switchback road’s banks. Very creepy. But I made it, every time, with that little car.

3. Which TV Show were you sad to see end?
I’m trying to remember, but I can’t think of one. Oh, I do remember being devastated that I could no longer see This Old House. I was 14 years old, and had just discovered it on a TV channel coming in from Boston. How I loved that show!!! I only got to see a few episodes before we moved away from the area, to a very rural place that didn’t receive This Old House anymore. šŸ™

4. What is your lucky number?
Hmm, I don’t think I have one. I’m not a very “lucky” person, not in the conventional meaning of the word. I always think of what Thomas Jefferson said about being lucky, because it suits me well:

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” Thomas Jefferson

5. Pretzels or Potato Chips?
Probably potato chips (that “dry” thing again). But I like to eat pretzels when I eat cheese. šŸ™‚

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2 Responses to “Meet Me on Monday #44”

  1. blueyes Says:

    i chose 4 as my lucky number but i don’t think it has ever been’s just something i chose and usually like things in 4, maybe that was the OCD # I chose lol

  2. lin Says:

    Oh, I LOVED This Old House. In fact, we met Norm Abram in person when he started The New Yankee Workshop–which was a spin-off from that show. He was nice and was a good sport when we asked him to sign his book with something wacky.

    I’m with ya on muffins. I’m not big on them either.