Meet Me on Monday #53

October 17, 2011


It’s another Monday! How do they come around so quickly every week?


1. The thing that scares me the most is __________?

Ugh, I can’t think about all those things! It’ll ruin my day. šŸ™ I’m kinda high strung and if I meditate on how the politicians are ruining our economy and out country, about how tenuous our life is here on this earth, about how everything can go crashing down in a matter of moments, I’ll go bananas! :cwy:

2. Do you like nuts in your Chocolate Chip cookies?

Yuk, no. When I eat a cookie — a rare occasion, by the way — I like the cookie to be soft. I like it to OOOOOOOZE chocolate from the chips. I like the cookie to melt in my mouth. Nuts get in the way!

3. If you couldn’t change the channel, what tv show would drive you from the room?

Well, just about everything, which is why I don’t have a TV. I wouldn’t be able to live in my house! My husband has this saying, “KILL THE TV!” We used to stream movies online, but I shot that down after being “surprised” by a few unsavory shows.

4. Pulp or no pulp in your Orange Juice?

No pulp. When I was younger, I was horribly picky about it. Now, it’s just a preference. I’ll pretty much tolerate pulp (down the hatch and all), but when given the choice, I’d choose no pulp. There’s just something unnatural about chewing your beverage before it goes down… :grinny:

5. Who do you miss the most?

My grandma.


I love this old photo of my grandma as a girl. Doesn't she look SO mischievous, and like she's having an absolute blast?

I miss her a lot, I miss spending summers with her as I did when I was a kid. I grew up in a large “Yours, Mine, and Ours” kind of family, and being the oldest girl in a large family meant I did a LOT of work around the house (why do parents saddle girls with all the housework, anyway??). For several weeks in the summer, I escaped to my grandma’s house. There, I did very few chores and I just read books all day. Sometimes Grandma would take me along on her journeys to cemeteries (she researched genealogy). Other times, I just sat in the kitchen while she did various chores or read her newspaper. I liked those times of quietness when I didn’t have to hear the baby squalling or the boys fighting or the neighborhood noises.


Fifty years later. I don't often have photos of me here, as I try to protect my identity, but I look so different now than when I was young you'd be amazed. My poor grandma had such dark circles under her eyes. Grandpa was an invalid and required her 24-hour care. Plus, she probably worried too much from all the divorces, custody battles, and troubled times all her children and grandchildren were constantly going through...

Well, it’s short and sweet this week, friends. I have some catching up to do on my other blogs and I have a slew of articles to write for the job. Have a great day!



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5 Responses to “Meet Me on Monday #53”

  1. Brenda Says:

    I so agree with your #1 and #2! Hope you have a great day!


  2. blueyes Says:

    See, I don’t think you should chew your drink either unless it is a smoothie.

  3. lin Says:

    Awww, I love your Grandma!! She looks like a fun gal! I’m sorry she had all that “excitement” in her life.

    I’m with ya on TV–we watch it sometimes, but I’m pretty fussy about what we tune into. I especially don’t like it now–there are sooo many scary commercials on for scary movies and shows with Halloween coming! EEK!

  4. Leah H. Says:

    Newest follower from MBC blog hop- Hope you can visit and follow me back:)


    Kindly, refresh the page if gfc page won’t appear..

    Thank’s and have a great day:)