Meet Me on Monday #54

October 24, 2011


Another week rolls around! Only a few more of them until we hit the Mayan-prophesied catastrophe, right??? :cuckoo:

(Nothing like a bit o’ sarcasm to start off the Monday, eh? Can be a better jolt than coffee, sometimes).

OK OK I’ll get started. Here are this week’s questions.

1. My favorite kind of animal is _______?
The Felis catus, or “cat.” :smarty: I’ve always loved cats. I happen to be blessed with one of the sweetest, cutest cats EVER. How I got hit this with whopper blessing, I don’t know, God is good. Meet Livvy.

Cat nap

Livvy 4

She was an orphan, part of a litter of a Siamese and tabby mix. She’s darkened a lot since she’s gotten older, but she still gets stares and acclamation wherever we go (I take her with us on our family trips). She not so much a “cat” as she is a part of the family. When I am away, running errands for example, she waits by the door until I return. Then, when I sit down, she sits at my feet and clings to my foot so I can’t leave again. LOL.

2. Do you like your handwriting?
Not anymore. I’ve been typing for so long, it’s lost it’s beauty.

When I first started writing letters as a little kid, my teacher told my mother that she had never seen such terrible handwriting in her 25 years of teaching. So my mother was given “homework”– teach me to write my letters properly. Looking back, I think my poor penmanship may have been a result of poor eyesight (couldn’t see the letters clearly). Anyway, I grew up to have gorgeous writing, it was like calligraphy. But after using the computer for 10+ years now, and only writing when I *must,* my handwriting is much messier.

3. What is the last movie you saw?
Pilgrim’s Progress: A Journey to Heaven. And it was AMAZING. I’m surprised how good it was. My thoughts are still full from the story. I’ve seen a couple Pilgrim’s Progress movies (including one with Liam Neeson as a new actor) and none were very good. This new one was terrific. I’ll review it very soon.

4. Do you buy things on eBay?
You bet. Yesterday I bought in-ear earbuds for my iPhone. I wanted a set with a volume control and microphone to use while shopping at Walmart. It seems the family always calls me while I am there and, even though I have my volume all the way up, I never hear the phone ring in that blasted cavern of a store. Usually, the earbuds are $80 at the Apple store. EIGHTY DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!! It’s insane. I got a generic lookalike for $5, and that includes shipping.

5. What did you have for lunch yesterday?
On Sundays, sometimes I skip lunch or sometimes I take my daughter out for a hamburger. Yesterday, we went through the McDonald’s drive thru and got their Angus Burger. Yikes, those things are huge but they are very good (the lettuce is always fresh, I like that). I also got a big tank of coffee. 😀

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3 Responses to “Meet Me on Monday #54”

  1. Brenda Says:

    Livvy is beautiful! Hope you’re having a great Monday Hop Day! 🙂


  2. PinkOddy Says:

    Wow those ear buds sound fab – may look to see if they have them here in the UK.
    McDonalds seems to be a popular choice yesterday – but we went today. Yum the big tasty is back in – my favourite.

    Have a good week.

  3. lin Says:

    Livvy is the prettiest kitty I have ever seen–and that is counting all of MY kitties too. She must be incredible in person, but she certainly photographs well.

    I don’t like the bidding process on ebay. I’m not into the “hunt” for things I want. If they are just for sale, I’ll go for that, but otherwise I won’t play around for things.