Meet Me on Monday… Late Again!

November 29, 2011


I have a GOOD excuse this time!! Really! We were traveling. Before I start the Meet Me on Monday, check out these photos! I am so excited, I can’t wait to blog about our trips on my travel blog, New York!

We visited Howe Caverns in Cobleskill, NY. It was fabulous.

9 Cave Path

Photo taking was tough. The place is dimly lit and my great lack of photography skills is showing….

13 Posing

We went on a boat ride on an underground lake!

24 Lake Venus Boat Ride

The beautiful Schoharie Valley.

34 Schoharie Valley

OK, enough photos, lol. I’ll be posting about the amazing Howe Caverns as well as narrating some of our usual crazy and quirky stories that always seem to be happening with us…..


1. I really need to clean my _________?

Um… house. :duncehat:

2. What food makes you think of Christmas?

Anything cinnamon. I sometimes boil potpourri with cinnamon sticks to manufacture that nice nostalgic Christmas-y feel.

3. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?

Tough one. I guess, like everyone, I’d like my 18-year old body back but I’d like to keep my 40+ wisdom, experience, and temperance. Funny how when we’re young (mid 20s) we think we are SO mature, SO experienced. Get to 40 and that’s nothing, baby. NOTHING.

4. What was your first paying job?

When I was a kid, my stepdad needed nails picked up from the driveway. He’d renovated a big barn and had scattered a ton of old nails around the property. No one wanted to do it. So my stepdad said he’d pay us a penny a nail. That was very inspirational, and me and my brothers went out to do it. The boys gave up after a day, as it was late October and bitterly, bitterly cold. I still remember that extremely painful feeling of my fingers freezing from clawing the mud for old nails. I was determined to make some cash (it was scarce and we never got allowance money back then). After a few days of my persistent digging and running into the house to thaw my hands and then running back out to dig again, my stepdad felt sorry for me and gave me a huge horseshoe-shaped magnet to collect nails. I tied a string to it and swung the magnet back and forth. I think I eventually got every bitty nail in the yard. I can’t remember how much money I got, maybe around $5.

5. Have you read the Twilight series?

Nope. I never will. Right now I’m reading a biography about William the Marshal, a medieval dude who served as regent to a few kings of England. It’s cool!

Have a great week, friends!

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6 Responses to “Meet Me on Monday… Late Again!”

  1. lin Says:

    Looks like a beautiful trip! How nice that you got away. šŸ™‚

    I would like to stay 40 forever–it’s that time right before everything on my body starting breaking and my thighs went really lumpy. Sigh. I like the 40’s, ‘cept for that stuff. Man, if I could look 18 and be 40, I’d be KILLER!

  2. Karen and Gerard Says:

    I agree with you that 40 is a good age. I liked the 40s. That was a tough first job but nice that your stepdad gave you that magnet to use.

  3. blueyes Says:

    I was in Walmart the other day and the cinnamon smell there was enough to gag anybody lol. I actually miss the fresh smell of christmas trees.

  4. Carole Says:

    I can’t wait to see more about Howe Caverns. I am dying to know if the cheese was still down there, LOL… And I SO agree – although I would like my 20 year old body back, I wouldn’t trade it for the wisdom I’ve gained over the last 20 years! šŸ™‚

    • Rebecca Says:

      Carole- the cheese was still there!!!! Hanging in the vestibule by the elevators! I didn’t know what on earth it was doing there, so I didn’t take a photo of it– rats! But I did notice it. LOL.

      Blueyes– fake cinnamon or heavy, musky clouds of intoxicating cinnamon would make me gag, too. I don’t know why some places use fake cinnamon, do they think they can possibly get over on us?! Ohh the smell of balsam fir is AMAZING but it doesn’t remind me of Christmas, it reminds me of the Adirondacks.