Meet Me on Monday Quizzes

May 14, 2012


I skipped last week, but I am starting this week anew. I was out in the sunshine over the weekend and I feel so perky and refreshed. Three cups of my son’s strong coffee helps, too.

Let’s dig in with this week’s questions.

Acting Balanced

1. Finish this sentence – The best thing about this past weekend was…

Prayer. I spent a lot of time in prayer last week and during the weekend. Prayer is different than meditation or “thinking good thoughts.” Prayer is asking Jesus for/about something and expecting an answer or a solution.

We also put up the gazebo this weekend, something I’ve been wanting but kept procrastinating. The gazebo is simply a glorified tent but it has screened panels! I need screen panels because I am a personal bug trap. Whenever I go outside, all the bugs of the county sense I am fresh meat, and promptly treat me as such. So I love my gazebo, and I’m glad I got a few hours to enjoy it before it started raining…. AGAIN!


2. When company drops by unexpectedly what do you serve?

Coffee, of course! Fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. How old were you when you got your first cell phone?

Uhhhh….. 39?

4. Where do you blog?

Right here! Where else would I blog! Hahahahahaahaha I am so very funny!

OK, I blog in my “home office.” It’s a portion of my living room that I use as my home office, although my living room isn’t really much a living room. All we have in here that hints at a living room is a large couch and coffee table. The TV is in the dining room.

1. For Mother’s Day I _________

Went to church, picked up my eggs from the farm, tagged along with the husband to get a part for the lawn mower (the mowers keep breaking, gah!), cooked hamburgers and vegetables on the grill, put up the gazebo with the kids, downloaded “Rees Howells, Intercessor” on the iPad Kindle app, prayed with the husband for an hour, read the book, went to bed. A blessed day, it was.

2. What is your favorite dish that your Mom makes?

My mom always made a tremendous apple pie. I also loved her turkey dinners. And she made a spectacular deer liver and onions.

3. Who are you a “Mom” too?

Besides my four kids, I used to look after my nieces and nephews a lot…. I think I’m more of a “big sister” type.

I’m also a “mom” to my baby, Livvy.


4. What did you have for Mother’s Day dinner?

Grilled hamburger, grilled summer squash, macaroni salad, strawberries, chips. A very nice meal.

5. What is your fondest memory of your Mom?

When she played ukelele with my uncle when he visited us. Having company over was good, my parents behaved themselves. lol. No arguments, no crying, no throwing furniture and stuff.

Well. That was a trip down memory lane that I’d rather soon forget. haha.

As part of the first meme, I get to ask YOU a question.

What’s your biggest project you have planned for the summer?

Have a great week, friends!

7 Responses to “Meet Me on Monday Quizzes”

  1. Susi Says:

    Love that gazebo. I have always wanted one but there isn’t much need. We have a covered porch/pool deck that’s screened in… a must have for our humid and buggy summers.

    • Rebecca Says:

      New York State is plagued with the dreaded “black flies.” They usually come out in June but they are early this year. I hear ya about the humid weather! Love those screen porches!

  2. lin Says:

    Whatcha praying for, pally? Need some help? I can add you to mine. šŸ™‚

    We had hamburgers on the grill for Mother’s Day too! Gosh, I love that first burger of summer. šŸ™‚ I love getting the yard all ready for summer too. I hope the gazebo works on those darn bugs.

    • Rebecca Says:

      Aw, Lin, you’re so sweet. We intercede for people: ourselves, our church, our finances, people around the world especially folks who are in jail falsely or are suffering. I would love it if you would pray with us about these things!

      I love grilled food. I hope to do more veggies this year than meat. Meat prices are crazy!

  3. Wayne Says:

    Nice work on the gazebo…

  4. Wayne Says:

    Nice work on the gazebo…