Meet Me on Monday… Thursday Edition!

June 30, 2011


Oh I have to snicker at myself. Is it really, truly Thursday already?! What happened? It was Monday just a few hours ago, right?!

This time-passing-faster-than-a-speeding-bullet conundrum can’t be the result of getting older. It just can’t. You younger folks– time is speeding for you, too, isn’t it? Reminds me of the book of Daniel: But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase. It’s said that, thanks to modern technology, global communications, and Direct TV, knowledge doubles every six months. :smarty: yow. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t know about the knowledge part, but I sure am running to and fro a lot, it seems….

I’m finally getting to Monday’s meme today!


1. What is your favorite food?

My favorite meal is probably a big Greek salad, but my favorite singular food is probably the raspberry. Or the blackberry. I love them.

Berry Harvest

2. What color scheme is your bedroom?

Busted plaster and drywall brown. :-p In case you are unaware, my house is 150+ years old. I am in the (looong) process of renovating it. We have most of the downstairs done, but the upstairs bedrooms have not been touched in… well, in 150+ years. We still have the old plaster walls (most of them, anyway), the original 1855 doors, and iron door latches. The windows are newer, only 100 years old. And in the 1970’s, the previous owners put down linoleum floors in the bedrooms. Yeah, it IS ugly and uncomfortable.

Thumb Latch

I restored this original door latch and use it for my French doors, for the entry hall downstairs. They are such beautiful latches!


So maybe this question could be turned around a little to ask me what I WANT my bedroom color scheme to look like? Oh baby, that’s an easy one. Like this:

*sigh* :awe:

3. Do you carry a donor card?

Nope. My state doesn’t have donor cards, that I know of. They affix the information onto the backs of drivers’ licenses, I believe. I wouldn’t put it past my state to eventually force citizens to donate organs. I read an article that of all the 50 states in the union, New York State is the least free. My state has more laws and regulations governing our everyday lives than any other. I wouldn’t be surprised if they forced us to get insurance for everything or even systems like home security semmes. However, I must be used to NYS governing, because I don’t *feel* restricted. Maybe it’s that frog in the frying pan thing…. but I am thankful that we can homeschool in NYS. And I can attend church and meetings.

4. In your opinion, is the glass half empty or half full?

Half empty, I guess. It depends on if the glass is being filled or I’m drinking from it. :mrgreen: Most of the time, I would say half empty. A glass filled to only half of it capacity can certainly use more filling. šŸ™‚

5. Vanilla or Chocolate?

Hm. I really don’t know. In the past, I would have said chocolate, but my tastes are changing and chocolate seems too rich. Last week, I tried a vanilla milkshake at McDonald’s. I hadn’t had one in, gosh maybe 20 years?!?! because they are SO expensive. But it was 200 degrees in the car and I was desperate. I was stunned by how fancy and how tasty the shake was! It even had whipped cream and a little red thingy (imitation cherry??) on it. It was good. I’m glad I splurged on that $2 shake.

That’s it for this week! See you next… well, Monday, hopefully!

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4 Responses to “Meet Me on Monday… Thursday Edition!”

  1. blueyes Says:

    I LOVE blackberries. Red raspberries are a close second. I go the U-pick farm here for the blackberries and blueberries. I went almost 2 weeks ago and didn’t get a huge amount so I’m needing to go back this weekend and load up!

  2. lin Says:

    Thanks to all that technology, the price of knowledge (internet, cell phones, global TV) keeps doubling as well. šŸ˜‰

    Love raspberries too. YUM! I like them on vanilla ice cream. Can’t do that with chocolate.

    I don’t like chocolate as much as I get older. I can totally pass on the stuff. Isn’t that weird?

  3. Karen and Gerard Says:

    I love berries too, but certainly aren’t my favorite food. It’s pizza, bread pudding and trail mix.

    I like vanilla ice cream and shakes but chocolate cake and candy!

  4. Secondary Roads Says:

    #4 – Half empty or half full? A recent survey showed 30% believed it to be half empty. Another 30% believed it half full. A plurality of 40% were undecided. That should give us something to think about.