Meet MyNewCat: MyFelix!

November 24, 2009


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Now if this isn’t the most adorable thing!!!! It’s MyFelix and it’s a little animated cat for your desktop. It is SO cute!

My kids first saw MyFelix at a local library– the library is run by a bunch of crazy cat women, and they have cat stuff everywhere (plus a very sweet resident cat named Jesse). On the library computers is MyFelix. I just downloaded the little program and we’ve been having a blast with it! Here he is, surveying his new home (my desktop).


Looks like he wants out.


It’s just SO cute!! Felix runs around, he chases a butterfly (which my real cat Livvy noticed, too), breaks a flowerpot, gets fed, sleeps in his little cat cubby, and jumps around. You can click him and he’ll jump, and you can pick him up and drop him (my son suggested doing that!) and Felix lands on his four feet. He’s quite a remarkable cat!

The download is free. The program has a lot of options, like keeping Felix on top of all windows or not; and you can go into modes like “Play” and interact with him using your mouse. You can also shut the sound on and off.

MyFelix works only on Windows machines with XP or higher. It doesn’t take up a lot of resources on my machine, so I keep him running. It’s just too adorable!!! The kids will love him.
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One Response to “Meet MyNewCat: MyFelix!”

  1. heidi Says:

    My daughters adore this!!!! So cute!