Men in Coats- Funniest Comedy Act EVAH

March 24, 2010


These guys are hiLARious! OMG we bust laughing. I played this four times for the kids (in a row!) and we were rolling on the floor in hilarity. I love these guys!

I did a little digging and discovered that they are Mick Dow and Maddy Sparham from the UK, also known as the comedy team Men in Coats. They became widely known after the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2002, and after this video circulated like wildfire across the Internet. ROFL, no kidding!!

They have a hilarious video of their Royal Variety Show performance and a stint in Holland. Go to the Men in Coats website and click “View Movie.”


2 Responses to “Men in Coats- Funniest Comedy Act EVAH”

  1. Lin Says:

    Oh, I’ve seen this before!! They are GREAT!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Lin- aren’t they?! I wish there were more videos available, because we’d watch them over and over.