Microsoft– GRRRRRRR!

November 25, 2008


Is it just me? (I don’t think so). I am so frustrated with Microsoft. GRRR! I could clonk those goofs on the head, let me tell you!

I have the Vista 64-bit operating system. It comes installed with the Windows Media Player and Windows Movie Maker. I have a video I took with my Samsung camcorder, and it took me HOURS to get it to play in the Media Player. But I still cannot figure out how to play it in the Windows Movie Maker. I have spent the last 3 hours trying to figure it out, downloading codecs, looking for this and that. I’m going CRAZZYY!!!! GRRR!

My beef with Microsoft is:

1) Why make a 64-bit operating system when so little software works with it? At least have your own software that you packaged with it work!!! GRRR

2) Why don’t you just INCLUDE all the codecs with the software?

3) Why don’t you just have one easy website where we can simply and easily download the codecs we need? Why have a huge list of links leading to all these other sites, and on the same page warn us of downloading codecs from other sites? GRRRR!

Do any geek readers have any help for me? Here’s my problem:

I have a Samsung camcorder. It takes video in the .avi/.mpeg-1 format.

I have installed Samsung’s codec software.

I have downloaded DivX’s codec software.

I have set Windows Media Player to automatically download codec files.

I have rebooted five times.

So far, I’ve progressed to the point where I can now see the videos in Windows Media Player. But Windows Movie Maker won’t show the video– it will only play the audio. I can’t figure this out!! GRRRR Microsoft!!



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