Monday Fragments

July 18, 2011

Dear Diary

This meme is usually called “Friday Fragments” but seeing that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday totally sped by, here I am on Monday.


I took a “vacation” from the blog and work to work on a roofing project with some friends. It’s a flat roof and OH my word, the person who came up with the dumb idea of flat-roofed buildings in the Northeast should be smacked. lol. I did a little research out of curiosity, and discovered that the *average* life span for a flat roof around here is 5 to 6 years. FIVE to SIX?! That’s insane.

What’s really mind-boggling is that most school buildings around here have flat roofs– enormous flat roofs. And the replacement of a flat roof for a school building can run into the millions of dollars. Multiple that by two roof replacements a decade…. your tax dollars at work, wow.


I just don’t wanna upgrade WordPress. I just don’t want to. I wish they’d quit changing it and calling practically every new upgrade an “important security feature.” Come on. WordPress is cool, yeah, but I have a life, too!


I’m trying out a new instant messenger program, Instantbird. It’s by Mozilla. We’ve been using MSN for years and years, ever since I got my first Internet-equipped computer– a Windows ME– 10 years ago. The kids and I use it to communicate with each other from across the house (it’s better than hollering). But from time to time, the kids get MSN IM spam, which are requests from spammers to befriend them. They always creep out the kids and make me angry. I’ve tried to ditch MSN several times because of it, but we really haven’t found an IM that suitably replaces it. Until Instanbird. It looks pretty neat. The program has different emoticons and the kids are terribly attached to the MSN emoticons, so it’ll probably take some convincing… but here’s hoping they don’t get any more of that trashy IM spam.

How come Feedburner — without fail — informs me of people UNsubscribing to my blogs, but never informs me of people SUBSCRIBING to my blogs. From time to time, I get an unsubscribe message… and it’s depressing. :-p

I really love birds in the garden and I try to do everything I can to encourage them and make them happy in my yard. But they make me really peeved when they consume my entire crop of raspberries. :-p


I decided to buy a very small (and I’m not kidding, it’s VERY small) computer to devote to ONLY online banking and bill paying. The computer is about as small as one of those 5 x 8 index cards, an inch thick. I don’t need a monster processor or mega hard drive. My husband does a lot of online banking on his computer, but he rarely updates his security programs, scans for malware and viruses, and doesn’t really know how to detect phishing scams. He leaves it for me to do, and while in the past that’s been easy to do, I am so busy now that months will pass before I can do anything. He’s a casual computer user, whereas I am the geek. He plays games, watches videos, surfs music sites… and therefore makes me horribly nervous because he is a prime target for theft.

I’d read on several tech sites that having a dedicated computer for online banking and financial transactions really lowers the risk of identity theft and hacked accounts. I am a bit paranoid about security, as several years ago someone hacked into my MAIN bank account and drew money. The bank never informed me or anything (the money stolen was small enough to pass under their radar, they said). I have no idea how they got my bank information. It was a very lengthy, time-consuming process to get a new bank account number, revise all the checks, re-do the direct deposits, and make a claim with the local police, the state police, and the state attorney general. Pretty intense. So now, I’m wary.

I think I’ll be very happy with my banking computer. My husband and I have promised to do NOTHING but banking on it. No games, no email, no instant messenger, NOTHING. šŸ˜€ I feel safer already, lol!


Itssso hot...


Have a great week, folks. It’s gonna be a scorcher in the east! I may be slim on blog posts this week as my computer tends to heat up the room quite a bit. I also have to help my son cram through his final Biology course, a doozie. I never took Biology in school and gloated that I even got my “elite” Regents diploma despite scathing through the graduation requirements (I majored heavily in art and English courses and skipped Biology). Well, I guess the chickens have come home to roost because I’ve taught Biology for THREE kids so far. I know more Biology that I ever would have as a student. :-p And I still have one kid to go through the course yet. Too funny.

Stay cool!


2 Responses to “Monday Fragments”

  1. Carole Says:

    My husband is a computer programmer/geek and we don’t do any banking online. Like you he’s really nervous about hackers, viruses, phishing, etc. when it comes to our bank account. A separate computer for that is a great idea though! That’s probably about as safe as you can get. It must be incredibly convenient.

  2. lin Says:

    That unsubscribe notice would eat at my self-esteem. Does it tell you who is leaving? I’m not sure if that would be good or bad.

    Do you know what is worse than the birds eating your raspberries?? Them pooping raspberries on your car after enjoying them. Ugh.