Monday Memes

April 22, 2012


I look at the calendar and am flabbergasted that it’s already the last week in April. Wow! So here we are on another Monday, and instead of laboring to create my own ideas for a blog post, I’ve got two memes to do it for me! šŸ˜€

Acting Balanced

1. Finish this sentence – I am glad it’s Monday because…

It’s a fresh start. I like fresh starts.

2. Where did you spend your last vacation?

Very few of my vacations are any longer then a day. So my last road trip was to The Cloisters in Manhattan. The museum is SIMPLY AMAZING. I wrote about it with photos on my other blog, if you are interested: The Cloisters, Washington Heights, New York City, Part 1.


The last overnight vacation was in Cobleskill, New York. My kids got to see Howe Caverns for the first time!

6 Cave Path

3. Who is your favorite author?

I’m a horribly fickle reader. I don’t think I have a favorite author. I guess I like C.S. Lewis, his stuff is very readable with a touch of humor. I like Mark Twain, for the same reason. I can’t think of anyone I follow.

4. What other Memes do you participate in during the week?

I participate in Meet Me on Monday pretty regularly when it’s available. Sometimes I do the Friday Fill In, and other times I do Wordless Wednesday. Meme participation really depends on my schedule. Wednesdays and Fridays are very busy days for me, so I don’t always do them. Mondays, on the other hand, are more relaxing.

Now it’s time for the other meme, Meet Me on Monday!

1. I keep putting off _________.

Weeding the garden. It’s… pretty weedy.

2. What is your current weather?

Pouring rain. Chilly. I don’t mind the cold but I have had this phobia about pouring rain ever since our property flooded in 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2010! We have had way too much rain in the northeast.

3. What is the nicest room in your house?

The kitchen. I renovated it in 2010. There are parts still not done, but it is so much better now!


I also renovated my dining room, too. I like the red walls.


This year, Lord willing, I hope to make my office/study the nicest room in the house. I have plans to redecorate it with a built-in shelving unit, new curtains, etc.

4. What jewelry do you never take off?

I rarely wear jewelry anymore. When I was younger, I loved the big bangle earrings. But I had little children who loved to pull on them– ouch! So I became accustomed to not wearing jewelry anymore.

5. Do you eat a snack before bed?

Nope. Sometimes I drink water or have tea. Big mistake.

As part of the Monday Quiz About Me, I get to ask YOU a question! Here it is:

If you got (another) pet, what do you think you’d name it?


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10 Responses to “Monday Memes”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Love your counter tops! Happy Monday!

  2. Karen and Gerard Says:

    I don’t wear jewelry either. I used to wear funny pins–like a lady bug, pair of frogs that moved their legs, bowling pins and a golf club pin but seldom even wear pins anymore.

    I can’t tell you what I would name my next pet–it depends on their personality, gender, type of creature and if they already have a name or not.

  3. Wayne Says:

    I too am a fickle reader. I find favorite authors and tend to stick to them as a result.

  4. Nat Says:

    I love those red walls!

  5. Nani Says:

    I don’t wear as much jewelry anymore but I always have my wedding ring on and usually a bracelet or two; I LOVE bracelets!

    We already know our next pet will be a cat named Joe or Jo Morgan. We have two; (Alexis) Kaline and Carla (Yastrzemski). The girls are named for Hall-of-Fame baseball players from the Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox, 2 of our collective 3 favorite teams. Morgan will be the Hall of Famer from the Cincinnati Reds. (We aren’t crazy cat people. 3 has always been our limit!)

  6. Susi Says:

    Love your kitchen. My next house will have the sink under the window. I just love that. And the island… don’t get me started. My dining/living room has one wall painted red, too… the rest a sandy color to make it pop!!!

    • Rebecca Says:

      I just love all your comments, friends!

      I always come up with a pet name looooooong before we get a pet. I had Livvy named a good 3 years before we got her. The next cat will be named “Scrooby” or something like that. lol.

  7. Ronalee Duncan Says:

    I love the red walls in your dining room. Very crisp looking.

    In order to get an animal we would have to move out of the condo and leave the beach, so goodness, that is something I have not thought about.

    we named a cat jeffrey once and then found out it was a girl, so my daughter changed the name to set-free. She wanted it to rhyme so the cat didn’t get too confused.

  8. blueyes Says:

    You know I agreed to take a RED couch off one of the pharmacy residents hands when they move over the summer to their new jobs. Red, SMH. I’m definitely buying a slip cover for that sucker lol

    As for the pet, Snowflake – Why? Because it will be an all white kitty. #dontjudgeme

  9. Anna Says:

    I’ve always been scared of color on my walls, but we did end up with some green walls when the house was re-done after our tornado. I’m liking them. I think red would be a bit much for me, but it looks good in your house! My couches are red, though.

    No more pets! Of course, I said that before… My son and I named our cat before we got him. We said we wanted an orange cat, and we were going to name him Weasley. So when a friend offered us an orange kitten, we named him Weasley!