Monday, Monday…

March 12, 2012


Late start to the day. I stayed up far too late last night and slowly crawled out of bed about (unintelligible) o’clock. That’s one of the perks about working at home. It’s also one of the downfalls, because you have no real blood-pressuring schedule and therefore you tend to overwork to make up for lost time, or whatever.

Here’s the weekly Meet Me on Monday! How would you answer?

1. What are your plans for St. Patrick’s Day?
Uhhhh… St. Patrick’s Day?? (glimpses at calendar to see what day it falls on). Oh, it’s Saturday. Um, I’ll probably spray paint myself in green, don a leprechaun hat, and go out dancing in the fields in search of the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. Mmmhmm. Aye, my Scottish sarcasm is leaking out….

2. What is your favorite room in your house?
It WOULD be the living room… but I don’t even HAVE a living room right now. Because I homeschool 4 kids and work at home, the living room is cluttered with desks, bookshelves, file cabinets, musical instruments, and boxes of junk stuff that I must review for the websites. My 8-foot long couch is crammed against one wall. Oh, I have plans for a living room, of course. I have to convert the attached garage into a family room, so the gang can keep all their musical instruments in there. Then I’m going to revolutionize the living room into this wood-paneled English country style library. My desk will be in here, with sitting room chairs and a nice gas log fireplace (with mantel that I will make myself). Yes, it will be my favorite room, then.

My dream room. Of course, I'd have to scale mine down just a bit.

3. What ‘gadget’ do you have that you can’t live without?
I can actually live without them all (and definitely will, someday), but I really love the iPhone. I love it because I can connect to the Internet at any time. SO many times in the past, I;d be driving or out walking with the kids and we’d wonder, “When did this happen?” or “What is that all about?” and I’d go home and completely forget about it until 3am, in bed. Now, thanks to the iPhone, I can check it immediately. I can also check my email, maps, social networking, blog comments, everything! It’s marvelous little piece of machinery.

4. What will your first thought be when you learn that you won a lottery?
Oh my word, it’s a MIRACLE!! A REAL MIRACLE!!!

(because I don’t play the lottery!)

5. Other than Acting Balanced and your own, what is your favorite blog to read?
Haha, nothing like a bit of shameless promotion in the MMoM questions, eh? *wink wink* Well….. I have a lot of favorites, although my online reading has become very sporadic. I have about 12 “must reads” every day with about 1,000 in my reader.

How is your Monday turning out? Have a great one, pals!

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4 Responses to “Monday, Monday…”

  1. Secondary Roads Says:

    Blogs that I must read are few. I have them in a bookmark folder and open them all at once. The rest of them I view using Google Reader.

  2. Heather ~ Acting Balanced Mom Says:

    Yep, I’m all about shameless self-promotion… it’s what makes the bloggy world go round!

  3. blueyes Says:

    over a 1000? W O W

  4. Rena Says:

    bahahahaha loved your St Patrick’s Day answer!!!
    I am Irish (great grandma came over from Ireland at age 14)
    but I don’t celebrate the day like most people do by
    getting drunk and act like a nut. I usually just wear green
    and put on a smile with twinkling eyes and rosy cheeks 🙂

    Nice living room idea! I want a library in my
    living room too with comfy chairs, wahhhhhhhh!!!! lol

    I have a lot of blogs in my reader too but mostly stick to the
    links that I have on my sidebar of my blog. I will go to the
    other ones when I have time. Your blogs I always read even if
    I am a bit late at times. Of course you already know that I
    stalk…um I mean love to read your blogs! 🙂