Monday Quiz About Me 11/12

November 11, 2012


This is a fun meme run by Heather and Wayne Smith. The questions are always thoughtful or entertaining!

1. What is your favorite kind of soup?

Hm. I’m not terribly fond of soups. I like to chew or drink my food, and soups were always in between. But if you pinned me against the wall, I guess I’d say my favorite was beef and barley.

2. When was the last time you saw snow?
Last week. It was only small fuzzicles in the air, though. There’s snow up north in the Adirondacks!

3. What is a must have trait if someone is going to live with you?
Ummm… wow, let me break out the list, lol. :readit:
I’m fussy. My home is my castle. More than anything, the person must be truthful. Not necessarily sincere but a lover of truth. Otherwise, expect a lot of debates. lol

4. Who was your favorite James Bond?
I never was a fan of the James Bond movies. They just seemed kinda sleazy, even though the Roger Moore flicks were suspenseful and the plot was, overall, good. And James Bond cannot hold a candle to Chuck Norris!!!!

Now here’s a question for you!

What’s your favorite candle scent?

I have too many favorites, and they seem to change with the seasons! Right now I love cinnamon and balsam fir. Mmmmm.

How about some Mandles? LOL!!!

It’s going to be a busy week for me this week, so I may not pop in as regularly. I’ll definitely set aside time to read your blogs, though, so please leave your link in the comments. Thanks and have a great week!


18 Responses to “Monday Quiz About Me 11/12”

  1. Heather ~ Acting Balanced Mom Says:

    In the spring I love citrus scents, right now I’m into baking scents like vanilla and sugar cookie… in the summer, it’s lemongrass and in the winter I like spicy scents …

    • Rebecca Says:

      Heather — I’ve never smelled lemongrass but it sounds heavenly. I LOVE vanilla in the wintertime.

  2. Judy Says:

    Unfortunately we are allergic to scented candles and I have a fear of fire so candles are only around for emergencies.

    • Rebecca Says:

      Judy – Some scented candles really aggravate me, too. But I think i could probably handle the “Chuck Norris Sweat” from the Mandles video. LOL :hilarious:

  3. Romi Says:

    Though I have never used scented candles, lavender would be nice.

  4. Karen and Gerard Says:

    I like those two scents too; also vanilla and apple.

  5. Tami AKA My Kid's Mom Says:

    I just bought a candle yesterday and burned it all afternoon in my kitchen – fresh baked cookies! I don’t know if I really have a favorite, I like lots of them.

  6. blueyes Says:

    I’m not really a candle fiend. I usually have one those Air Wick thingies that shoots a spritz of freshness every 18 minutes and the scent so far that I’m digging is fresh linen scent.

  7. Arlene Says:

    I have to be real careful with candles because of my allergies :P. I like having them around, though, and occasionally I find one that isn’t irritating to my bronchial passages. I like autumn scents, like cinnamon and pumpkin spice.

  8. Sammie Says:

    “fuzzicles” – I love this word! šŸ™‚

    As for candle scents I don’t know if I could pick just one. I love Yankee’s Midsummers night, but can’t stand to pay the price. Mulberry scents I love as well as the earthy musk scents.

  9. Marvi Marti Says:

    OH cinnamon without a doubt, vanilla runs a very close second. Lately though I’ve been using a diffuser and using anti-stress and lavender oils.

  10. brenda Says:

    My favorite scent is vanilla… but I have to say that the cinnamon candles right now are wonderful….

  11. Chuck Says:

    With you 100% on James Bond. šŸ™ Also on Chuck Norris for being serious. šŸ™‚ Most days I’d go with Jackie Chan. :fencing: Serious moves, innovative and funny. :luvs: What more could you ask out of an action star? :starry

  12. Karen Says:

    I have a candle called snickerdoodle that smells yummy.

  13. Susi Says:

    I think, the last time I saw snow in real life was almost 8 years ago and it snowed while we were in Germany. šŸ™‚ I love, love, love soup and can easily have it as a main meal.

  14. Wayne Says:

    I can’t say I am up on my candle smells. They would take a way my man license if I was I believe. Thanks for participating in the MQAM. Hope to see you again next week.

    • Rebecca Says:

      Wayne, you should check out the Mandles video I included here. I’m SURE you’ll find something you like!

  15. mryjhnsn Says:

    That candle sounds ah-maze-ing. I love anything with cinnamon