Monday Quiz About Me Meme

July 30, 2012


Wow have I been a slacker here lately. I only wrote two posts last week, me thinks! Sorry, pals. I’ve not been much company. I took last week off (for the most part) — we went on two day trips and I’ve been busy writing about those for the travel blog. I also discovered TWO English history PBS series online — Michael Wood’s “The Story of England” and “Queen & Country.” I’m such a sucker for British history. At night, instead of blogging like I ought to, I read The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle or The Adventure of English (a marvelous book by Melvyn Bragg). As a matter of fact, I’ve been watching so many British documentaries and BBC News specials that I think I am picking up the British accent! Next thing you know, I’ll be singing “It’s a Jolly Holiday With Mary.”

Oh what am I saying, I AM already singing it! Do you have any idea, the exhilaration of rolling down your windows, speeding through the Adirondack wilderness, and singing “It’s a Jolly ‘Oliday with Mary” at the top of your lungs?

My kids think I’m wacked. They know NOTHING. lol

Here. I found the audio in YouTube. Apparently, there is no video of the song. Those Walt Disney fuddy duds must be blocking it. Sheesh. Remember the penguins tripping over each other?!?! :rofl:

Oh yeah, Monday meme. Got a little carried away there.

Acting Balanced

1. What is your favorite Olympic sport?
Um. Penguin tossing.

What?! There is no penguin tossing?! Maybe ice skating, then.

2. What is the healthiest meal you’ve eaten this week?

Oh wow, I don’t remember. Down the hatch and all that…. Maybe grilled summer squash? Raw kale in a salad?

3. What is the unhealthiest meal you’ve eaten this week?

Ugh, probably those cheddar bacon fries when I ate out last week.

4. What jewelry do you wear every day?

I actually don’t wear any jewelry. I can’t wear my engagement ring because I broke off of the small support that holds the diamond. I can’t wear my wedding ring because after the renovation I developed a cyst on that finger (from fiberglass, I think). By the time the cyst was gone, my hands had swollen so much from all the manual labor that the ring no longer fits. I can’t wear necklaces and I sometimes wear earrings, but not often. I really can’t even wear glasses– I ruin them every year! Last year, I worked on a roofing project and sweated so much that summer that my metal glasses rusted through! I bought plastic frames this year but they are ruined, too. All the grease splattering from the barbecue grill burned small holes through the plastic lenses. :nonono:

Well, now I get to ask you a question! Here goes…..

Based on your own experiences, what word of advice would you offer to a young person just starting out on his own?

11 Responses to “Monday Quiz About Me Meme”

  1. Karen and Gerard Says:

    My advice: Pay off your credit cards every month!

  2. Wayne Says:

    My advice is to stay true to oneself…

  3. Secondary Roads Says:

    Avoid debt and start today to save for retirement.

  4. blueyes Says:

    You rusted out glass frames? WTH?

    As for advice – don’t get credit cards and don’t for the love of god cosign ANYTHING with family. It will come to bite you in the butt.

  5. Lisa Says:

    My advice: Pay off your debts every month!

  6. Nani Says:

    My advice is college! Get at least a 4-year degree and go right after high school. If you can’t get into the school you want at first, go to community college for a year, work your butt off for the grades and reapply to the school you want.

  7. Susi Says:

    Penguin tossing… ha ha ha. I do have to admit that I much prefer the Winter Olympics to the Summer Olympics. As for advice, hmmm, go to college and go after what you really want!

  8. Karen and Gerard Says:

    My hubby likes water polo best–that’s the sport he said he’d like to play. It does look like fun!

    My healthiest meal of the week is salmon. Most unhealthy is pizza. I wear my wedding ring every day.

  9. Rena Says:

    My advice:
    Live with your parent as long as you can!!!!
    Save up money. Enjoy the little things in life.
    Don’t worry about growing up so fast.
    Once you become an adult, you wish you were
    a kid again. Life is so much simpler when you
    are a kid. :surrender:

  10. Rebecca Says:

    Lots of good advice here! Thanks for your comments. šŸ™‚

  11. Jennifer Says:

    My advice would be not to give up who you are for anyone or anything!

    And now I want cheddar fries… darn diet!