Monday Quiz About Me Meme

October 1, 2012


It’s been a while. With winter fast approaching, I am in “Aesop’s ant” mode, scurrying around trying to prepare for the next 6 months of cold and snow. I’m still working on that built-in bookshelf unit and building a fireplace box with mantel for the heater. UGH! Too much to do…

But that doesn’t prevent me from taking a few minutes to toodle around on the Internet, now does it? :grinny: Without further adieu… it’s the Monday Quiz About Me from Acting

1. What is your favorite Autumn color?
Probably the bright reds. There were a lot of them this year. I made sure to take a few drives to the mountains to check. See?

ADK Trees

2. If you could go back and change something about your high school days what would it be?
Just one thing? :wazzat: Hmmm… Instead of begging my mom to be homeschooled, I would have been more adamant.

3. Name something that you tried because you thought you’d like it, but in reality didn’t meet your expectations

Marriage. LOL. Hey, marriage is great, but it is NOTHING like you expect it to be when you are single. Unlike marriage as portrayed in the movies, marriage has many more joys and takes more work than you think.

4. Do you have a favorite “Monday” song?
Let me think…
I don’t think I do. Unless it’s the Steven Curtis Chapman song, “Great Adventure.” It’s pretty peppy.

Started out this morning in the usual way
Chasing thoughts inside my head of all I had to do today
Another time around the circle try to make it better than the last

I opened up the Bible and I read about me
Said I’d been a prisoner and God’s grace had set me free
And somewhere between the pages it hit me like a lightning bolt
I saw a big frontier in front of me and I heard somebody say, “Let’s go!”

Saddle up your horses we’ve got a trail to blaze
Through the wild blue yonder of God’s amazing grace
Let’s follow our leader into the glorious unknown
This is a life like no other – this is The Great Adventure

Come on get ready for the ride of your life
Gonna leave long faced religion in a cloud of dust behind
And discover all the new horizons just waiting to be explored
This is what we were created for

Now a question for you!

What’s your favorite genre of music: country, rock, indie, classical?

Not surprisingly, I have very eclectic tastes. I like everything from Israeli pop (Ofra Haza) to garage-band (Deliriou5?), to classical (Bach). My favorite is probably a draw between classical and worship music (Hillsong).

Have a great Monday, everyone!



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12 Responses to “Monday Quiz About Me Meme”

  1. Judy Says:

    I too have an eclectic taste. I listen to a Jazz station while in the car. My uncle played country music on his guitar and we ballroom dance to everything from the big bands to Santana.

    • Rebecca Says:

      My husband likes jazz (and blues) and Santana. Those are probably my least-favorite, though! Sorry! But I do like your blog! šŸ™‚

  2. Wayne Says:

    I have an eclectic music taste though a common thread is that the music has to have substance to it. There has to be some deeper meaning behind it. Thanks for participating in the MQAM and hope to see you again next week.

    • Rebecca Says:

      Thanks for your comment, Wayne. DEFINITEKY — it has to be good music with something to it, I agree. I listen to the stuff produced in the 1950s and 1960s and wonder what the heck? How did that stuff ever get to be so popular?

      I hope to join in next week, too!

  3. Sammie Says:

    I tend to have eclectic taste as well listening to folk music, shanties, eighties, R&B, Country, native drums, Rock, classical, alternative, even parodies (thanks to hubby) . Though I tend to favor towards country most often.

    • Rebecca Says:

      I like parodies, too! Have you ever heard Ray Stevens’ “Guitarzan”? I sing it sometimes to drive my kids nuts. šŸ˜‰

  4. lin Says:

    I loved high school—well, as much as you can. I wish I had the self-confidence that I have now back then. And the ability to not worry about what others thought of me. I think that would have come in really handy.

    • Rebecca Says:

      I also wish I had more self-confidence and less self-consciousness then. Probably every teen suffers from that?

  5. Karen and Gerard Says:

    Hymns and classical are my favorite types of music.

    • Rebecca Says:

      I like hymns but the way they are sung are often so dry. You might like Hillsong, Karen! Ever heard them?

  6. Deanna Says:

    I’m the weirdo. I like heavy metal. I’ve always been a “metal head” and still am at the age of 35!

  7. Rena Says:

    I like most varieties of music except rap or loud rock. I don’t like songs that have loud instruments or the singer screaming lyrics. šŸ˜Æ :gah:

    Depending on the mood I am in, I can go from

    folk music
    to country
    to jazz
    to Christian
    to classical
    to oldies
    to blues and so on…. :beebop: :teddy: :frolic: :whistle: