March 8, 2011


Thanks to some cool folks at Twitter who graciously share their links :mrgreen: I have discovered some good websites about money management. I’m learning more about how to get rid of debt. I had to go in debt to fund the kitchen renovation, and have created a payback budget to– Lord willing!!– pay it all off in 18 months. According to the experts, they say you should throw as much money as you can toward the higher-paying interest rate debts first, then chip away at the others with only minimum payments. That makes sense but it does go against my instinct to pay off the piddly little debts first to get them out of the way.

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I’ve heard about a debt management site called Anyone else heard of them? I did a search and found lots of information about them… and they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Known as the American Credit Foundation, they are based in Utah. They offer a consolidated debt system (free quote), but their articles (in their Resources section) are good advice. For example, in the article “How Do I Get Out of Debt?” the advice is: cut your spending, pay off your credit cards and NEVER charge anything more than you can pay back in a month. That would be nice. 🙂

They also have good articles on frugal living, too, like “10 Secrets to Frugal Family Fun.” Berry picking and building a fort are included. 😀

Check out the site if you are so inclined. I found useful information there, all very motivating!

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  1. Secondary Roads Says:

    Do you suppose that the folks in DC could use this advice? Just asking.

  2. Rebecca Says:


    I’m not very optimistic about it, though. :S