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February 7, 2012


The reason I haven’t been around is because (a) I’ve been busy, and (b) I’ve been sick with a nasty cold. The husband works in public service (post office and in a grocery store) so he is exposed to all sorts of sick people. We haven’t been sick like this in years. My poor husband and the kids got hit first, and hard. It developed into bronchitis. My son and I fared better. The son, who is almost never sick for long, had a sore throat and congestion for two days! I didn’t get it in my lungs, just in my sinuses. Oo! Hurts. But still, it’s just a cold and we’ll be better in no time.

But that’s why I haven’t felt like writing much or visiting any of your blogs. I’ll be back to my old exuberant self in a few days. šŸ˜€


…and here comes another WordPress rant… (lol)

As much as I love WordPress blogging software, I can’t stand their propensity for issuing non-stop updates. Every couple of months, they totally revise the whole interface, removing good features and adding stupid ones. WordPress Guys– will you quit ruining WordPress?! If you want to add stuff, fine, but don’t keep removing some of the the things that we find useful! Ugh.


I have another reason to hate spammers, as if I didn’t have enough, lol. Because of blog comment spam, almost all blogs are now using CAPTCHA images for comments (mine included!). Because spammers have been figuring ways to get around the CAPTCHAs, the CAPTCHA software is becoming more complex. So I am finding that the CAPTCHA images are getting tougher and tougher to decipher. I may leave a looooong wonderful comment, enter the CAPTCHA and >BANG< my comment is lost because I can't figure out the dang images!!!! *sigh* I have tried the audio CAPTCHAs but those are worse. Have you ever tried audio CAPTCHAs? Try them on various blogs and you tell me if they are difficult or not. Anyway, I am now in the habit of copying my comments to my computer keyboard before I try to publish comments. I don't think there's anything we can do. Spam is so pervasive. Why do spammers do it?! Do they really think people are going to buy their trash when they are so obtrusive and rude?


It rained the other day. HARD. It’s not unusual here in Upstate New York to have a January thaw, but our entire winter has basically been one big thaw.

I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop, though. We still have another 2, 3 months of winter. Reports are that Lake Ontario temperatures are unusually warmer than average. Should an arctic wind current descend from Canada across the lake, we’ll get clobbered with snow. I hope we don’t. I think I have really enjoyed this mild winter. I’m surprised because I am the one who loves winter and snow! It’s been a nice change, and I’m happy for all the folks who usually shovel heaps of snow, because they get a break this year. (So far).



I love Words With Friends!! What a fun game. I usually have 5 or 6 going at the same time. If you want to play with me, look me up– I’m RebeMecomber. One of my dear pals discovered that some players are using computer cheats and such with WWF. Just so you know, I don’t do that! So rest assured, you’re playing with the REAL Rebe when you play against me, lol. Anyway, I’ve always been good at Scrabble (my hubs thinks I should join a competition) but I’ve been sweating some bullets with some of you guys lately. Yow.

And has anyone else noticed this with the game?



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7 Responses to “More Random Toodles”

  1. blueyes Says:

    You know I’ve been seeing a lot of screen shots from WWF asking why some words aren’t words and others are lol. It’s already interesting to see what people come up with and what it will take legally.

    • Rebecca Says:

      Blueyes– Some of the words that WWF says are words leaves me baffled a lot of the time. “Xi”?! “Qi”?! But not “OK”?!?!?!

  2. Anna Says:

    Feel better soon!

    I started a words with friends game with you.

  3. Karen and Gerard Says:

    Hope your family all gets over those nasty colds soon! I never played that game, where is it?

    • Rebecca Says:

      Thank you, Anna! I played back. Woohoo, prepare to eat dust!!! lol, just kidding. šŸ˜‰

      Thanks, Karen! Words With Friends is on Facebook. It’s an app. I have it installed as an app on my phone, so I can beat all my pals round the clock, wherever I go. HA. šŸ˜‰

  4. Susi Says:

    Hope you feel better soon. I am going down hill and I should be working on a post but I really don’t feel like it. To make matters worse I will have all my children home tomorrow because they are sick, too. I have never played words with friends. I should give it a whirl.

  5. Lin Says:

    Oh, no! I sure hope you are feeling better soon! I have the winter blues and haven’t been blog-hopping like usual. You get a mulligan at my place–you don’t have to visit if you don’t want to. šŸ™‚ Just don’t ask me to play WWF!! Hahaha!

    I find wayyyy too many people are pluggin’ and chunkin’ those letters in to make “words”. It makes me so darn crabby! I’m playing with a friend who plays like I do and I’m actually winning now. Hooray! You sound like a professional–I’m staying clear! Hahaha!