Morning Musings…

February 8, 2011


It’s still early morning as I write this, so I have some quiet time to think before the day’s mayhem begins,

Oh wait, the kids are up.

Too late.

Ugh, and they have informed me that we need milk, so I must walk down the street to get some. *sigh*

Well anyway, I guess I still have a few dregs of solitude and thought in my noggin. I’ll try to make a coherent post before playing the milkman… šŸ˜€

Has anyone else been getting tons of emails from advertising companies, asking them to place text links or purchase articles for their blogs? Usually, the offers are pittance. Some are good though. šŸ˜€ I’ve been getting carbon-copy communications in both my comments section, contact form, and email for the lower-end ads. Weird. It’s happened all at once, for about a month now. Hey, I’m not complaining– any offer is great! It’s just odd that it’s so much all at once.

Spring is coming. February is the time I *usually* order garden seeds, and my Johnny’s Selected Seeds catalog came right on schedule. But I haven’t had a spare second to peruse it. I have this feeling that I won’t be getting to THINKING about the garden until April….

Spring is also spring cleaning. Yes, we still do spring cleaning! I remember doing it with my mom as a kid. She always wore a red bandana on her hair, remember when ladies wore those? I think only hip-hop artists keep the bandana companies in business today… well anyway, we used to scrub the house from top to bottom, even the walls.

Something tells me this guy isn't off to do spring cleaning...

Oddly enough, we never cleaned the carpets. Today, of course, there are fancy (expensive) machines and companies like Carpet Cleaning Horseshoe Bay and Carpet Cleaning Hudson Bend who do it for you. They probably don’t wear bandanas. šŸ˜€ One of the reasons I did not install wall-to-wall carpeting in the house after we renovated (besides the cost) is that carpet is so hard to clean. Over the years, it fills with so much gunk that not even the bandana-bedecked Carpet Cleaning Jollyville experts can scrub it out. Or, maybe they can.

I’m nervous about that Obamacare bill. I don’t want federal government health care. And I don’t want to pay extortion to not have it, either. It makes me sick to my stomach to see our country forcing things down our throats all the time. I am a “do it yourself” kind of gal. I like the self-sufficient life and I like to make my own decisions. I had a doctor like that, too, but unfortunately, he’s now retired. šŸ™ He used to lay out all the facts, informing me of my options, and let me make the decision. When I was expecting my second daughter, he thought that she was not growing, according to the sonograms. Since my previous labor had been difficult and the baby large, he recommended that I have this second child early, to avoid complications of a large baby. The sonograms were showing that this one was going to be a whopper, because already she was 7 lbs and I still had four weeks left of pregnancy (babies gain a 1/2 pound every week, which would make the baby 9 lbs at her due date. My husband and I were very hesitant to induce. The doctor didn’t think the baby was in any particular danger, but he was concerned about her growth. But he allowed us to make our OWN decision. He allowed us to wait two weeks on the condition that every other day I had to go to the hospital for a sonogram, to monitor the baby’s growth. Which we did. Two weeks later, we did eventually induce, and the baby was born small (as far as my kids go, 7 lbs)! She was not the 9 lbs that the sonogram was saying she was. And actually, if we had induced two weeks earlier, when the doctor had wanted it, the baby would have been premature and weighed only 5 lbs because we discovered that the due date had been calculated wrong. I loved my doctor for letting us make our own decisions.

Anyway, in a culture where less and less responsibility is expected of the individual and more and more given to distant bureaucrats, I wonder what will become of us.

Enough musing. I must go to get the milk. Thanks for reading. šŸ˜€

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5 Responses to “Morning Musings…”

  1. Carole Says:

    I kept measuring “big” during my pregnancy and they were also worried I was going to have a big baby. On top of that, I had gestational diabetes, and a large baby is often associated with that as well. Well, my daughter arrived about a week after her due date and she was all of 6 lbs. 10oz. I think that sometimes doctors are about as accurate with birthin’ babies as the weathermen are with forecasting the weather. I think God laughs and likes to keep some things a mystery and keep man guessing.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Carole, you’re so right about pregnancy/weather forecasting! LOL! The sad thing is, some doctors think they are SO right when they are not, and they think they have the right to “adjust” things. I’m grateful my kids’ doc was a sensible man.

    My third child was 10 1/2 pounds. šŸ˜ His entry in to the world was a miracle, truly.

  3. Tiny Temper Says:

    I’m with you – so many doctors never really listen to what you’re saying; I’ve got this ongoing illness ‘thing’ and it’s taken four months of surgery visits to get my GP to consider I might have a physical problem, and not depression – AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!

    Ten a half pounds? Is that even possible *feels faint*

    Love your blog and am subscribing! šŸ™‚

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Hey, Tiny Temper! I am so sorry– I missed your comment for this post! I do try to respond to gracious folks who leave comments, but yours I missed. I must have been having a “senior” moment. Which is scary because I’m not a senior. OK….

    Yeah, 10.5 pounds of baby. It’s possible. BUT BARELY. lol

    I’m subscribing to your blog, too. I love it!!! Thanks so much for leaving your comment.

  5. Tiny Says:

    Hey, no worries! I have senior moments all the bleedin’ time! šŸ™‚