Mother’s Day Is On the Way!

April 23, 2011


Can you believe it will be MAY soon? The calendar is chugging along, but spring is dragging its feet. As of tonight, we are still running the heaters. :-p

Well, take heart, my dears. Spring WILL come. It always has! And Mother’s Day is right around the corner, too. Do you have any plans for your wonderful mom? (Please don’t say flowers of chocolate!). You don’t want to give your mom another boring old store-bought, generic card, do you?? I, personally, am totally sick and tired of boring cards. I’m going to order those lovely scrapbook cards that my friends sell on their websites. The cards are lovely and I’d love to support my pals!

But what about a gift, a real You-Are-More-Special-To-Me-Than-A-Bunch-Of-Boring-Flowers gift, huh? How about one of those cool, slick, funky Atomic Watches, for the gadget-crazed mom (*cough cough*). Atomic watches are not very feminine, but they are SO COOL. So are the Swiss Army watches! A geeky mom would love something like this (*cough cough*).

For the sparkly, feminine mom, there are other watches to choose from. The Cartier mom’s watch in pink is so pretty (at $4000, it’s better be). There are tons of things to choose from, and don’t worry, they ARE affordable, too. And be sure to check the Closeout Specials for great deals.

So while we may not necessarily feel like spring is here, May will arrive any day now! Be prepared. 😉

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