My Cat Ate a Ladybug

February 2, 2009


EWWWW! The kids just informed me that my beloved kitten has just eaten her first ladybug. It all started when my daughter saw a ladybug crawling around on the kitchen floor. She attempted to pick up the bug to get it on her hand (to take the bug outside to freeze to death, I suppose! duh!). The durn bug refused to crawl onto her hand, and instead was flipped on its back in the process (this is getting pretty sad; get the hankies). His poor little legs were flailing in the air, aww! The ever curious kitten Livvy saunters over to see all the excitement, pokes her nose to sniff the ladybug, and voila! Winds up with the bug in her nose.

Livvy gave her little head a shake to get rid of the tickly feeling, instinctively licked her nose with her tongue, and… well, the rest is a tale of how a poor little ladybug was swallowed whole accidentally. Kind of like that lady who swallowed a fly, I don’t know why she swallowed a fly, perhaps she’ll…..



Livvy Yum

BARF! Is this bad?!?! Are ladybugs poisonous to cats?

Well, I had no idea what the commotion was in the kitchen amongst the kids while this was going on (I was in the living room while they were supposed to be clearing the dinner table). I asked what was all that “ewww”ing about and…. nearly lost my dinner after hearing the story.


Poor ladybug! Poor Livvy!

I wonder how ladybugs taste? :-p And this is a cat who complains if her Friskies is too mushy or her baby bedding not plump enough. Humph.

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