My Computer Has a Bug!!!

September 18, 2009

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Can you see it?

Computer Bug 1

Computer Bug 2

HEE HEE! Lame, I know. But cut me some slack– it’s Friday!!

Do you know where the term “computer bug” came from? This is from WikiAnswers:

The term ‘bug’ was first used by Grace Hopper on September 9th, 1945 when a real bug, a moth, short-circuited an early computer on relay number 70 Panel F, of the MARK II Aiken Relay Calculator, in the Harvard University. The operators of the computer said they had “debugged” the computer, and ever since then the terms has not changed.

The government took out the moth, taped it to a book, and recorded the event saying they had “debugged” the computer.

Leave it to the government to meticulously record it and TAPE it inside a book…. :wha: That, or someone in the government has a sense of humor…

…nah, just not possible.

But look! They even snapped a photo! Here it is! This is from the Naval History website:

first computer bug

The First “Computer Bug”

Moth found trapped between points at Relay # 70, Panel F, of the Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator while it was being tested at Harvard University, 9 September 1945. The operators affixed the moth to the computer log, with the entry: “First actual case of bug being found”. They put out the word that they had “debugged” the machine, thus introducing the term “debugging a computer program”.
In 1988, the log, with the moth still taped by the entry, was in the Naval Surface Warfare Center Computer Museum at Dahlgren, Virginia.

Courtesy of the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren, VA., 1988.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

Well….. so… now I guess you have something to discuss over dinner tonight, don’t you?! I know I do!! LOL. Happy Weekend, everyone! :frolic:


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    Great post! I would never have thought to look up the origins of “computer bug.”

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